SpeedLink Weekly, Making Way For DiTesco’s Weekly Echo

Not so long ago, I started to post a weekly roundup (Ditesco’s Weekly Echo or DWE) of just about anything I enjoyed reading and shared it with all of my visitors. Roundups is an awesome way of sharing with the blogging community your appreciation with someone’s work. Whether it is a great advice, an inspirational message, a humorous post, or a breaking news, I believe that it is a great initiative and an excellent form to build relationships.

Last year however, due to my unexpected hiatus (family member taken away from us brutally), I neglected it somewhat, along with other blogging chores. All of my efforts would have gone in vain, if it was not for an awesome community and these #mustfollow people that helped me keep my blog alive.

Anyway, I decided I will definitely abandon the weekly echo and make way for a new weekly roundup, which I am calling “SpeedLink Weekly” (all together). DWE’s original intent was to share with all of my visitors anything I found interesting in the sphere during a specified period, while at the same time providing some link luv to those who deserved it. The roundup included the article’s title and a small summary of what the post was about.

I found that exercise to be quite complicated and unfocused, and while SpeedLink Weekly’s intention will remain the same, the only difference will be the topics I will be sharing and the way articles are featured. SpeedLink Weekly will feature articles or video posts, that are related to the following categories: SEO, Internet or Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, and Home Based Business Resources or MMO and eventually, some cool Tweets :). Under each category, I will provide the title of the article with a DOFOLLOW link to the original URL. No more summaries :). I think that it is better this way as all the articles I will be featuring will at least be relevant to my topic as well.

When and How?

SpeedLink Weekly will start next weekend (ideally Friday) and will be ongoing every week. The specific requirement to get featured is really simple. Write a “killer” post, and promote it like crazy, that’s it. And ohh! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be featured, let me know, as I can only process a certain amount of articles at a time. If I leave any “super” stuff out there, it is not intentional. So, bring them on via a comment, Tweet, or any other way you want to use to call my attention, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to get familiar with SpeedLink Weekly. And btw, if you want to know how I got that “digital” signature below, head over to Michele’s That’s A Wrap and find out how I did it. Until then.



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20 thoughts on “SpeedLink Weekly, Making Way For DiTesco’s Weekly Echo

  • Hi DiTesco, this idea is really cool. This will bring more targeted focus to your roundup for your readers and for the search engines. 🙂

    Best of luck to you with this series and I know I’ll be checking it out each week.

    Before I go and I want say thank so much for your support on my blog and in our social networks. I’m so appreciative to be listed on your #MustFollow Twitter list. That’s awesome!

    • Hi Ileane. Yeah, I figured that a more focused roundup will do much better than “general” ramblings 🙂 Thanks for your wishes and it is I that should be thanking you for your continued support, specially last year when all things broke loose. You where there for me and that is priceless. You know that, you wish is my command, right ;-). Have a great weekend.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    It’s great to see you implement a new idea on weekly roundup. I always love that as it will open my eyes to articles that i have missed. By the way, the digital signature is cool. Heading to create one right now.

    • Hi Lye. I do hope that SpeedLink will be able to add value and whenever possible point you towards great stuff that unintentionally got missed out. As for the sig, glad you liked it, but thank Michele, she is the culprit of pointing me that direction.

  • Hi DiTesco

    I will be looking forward to your speedlink weekly. Probably there will be those on the list who I know and also some who I do not. This is one way I have I got to know other bloggers and read some quality posts. Appreciate you doing this for us. Thanks.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi there Patricia. How are you doing today? SpeedLink will at its best, try to find something, that you have not yet stumbled upon. That will almost be a miracle, considering how active you are in the sphere, haha (that’s a compliment BTW). Have a great Sunday

  • Love, love the signature! Nice job. 😉

    Looking forward to reading your SpeedLink Weekly! I always like to hear what other bloggers find interesting and helpful.

    Thanks btw for listing me in your #mustfollow list and for the linkluv… your support is always appreciate. 🙂

    Ciao for now.

    • Glad you liked the sig Michele. Actually, you know where I got that from and in a way, you are amongst the first (never last), who got a SpeedLink, lol. I really love it and just thinking if I will use it in all my post or just some, don’t know yet. What do you think?

      As for you being on my list, did you really expect anything else 😉 Talk soon

  • I really think it looks great… why not sign off on all your posts with it (or at least until you get bored 😉 ).

    Although, I would try putting it above the WWSGD plugin as oppose to adjacent in it. But definitely use it with your email marketing. It looks very professional and trendy at the same time. 🙂

  • Great stuff Ditesco i strongly believe in Round Ups i see it as a way of sharing the luv with our readers a little mentioned goes along way.

    • Hi Gary. I know you are also fond of roundups as I see you do it yourself. It is a great way of sharing and showing your appreciation to others work and it helps build relationships.

  • What a gracious and generous act, DiTesco. And thanks a million for adding me to your #mustfollow list, you too, are a valuable friend to have. Your contribution in P50 and connecting us members to one another is an amazing effort! You’re a #mustfollow in my list too.

    It’s always wonderful to see blogger buddies are acknowledging one another via link love and post sharing. It’s something I need to do more often – gotta catch up with my blog reading. 🙂 Tomorrow I will be releasing a guest post from a blogging icon, I’ll try my best to promote it like crazy – lol, guess it’ll be easier than before as I’m always a little reluctant to promote my own articles.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hi Ching. Thanks for including me in your #mustfollow list too. In today’s ever noisy “neighborhood”, it is really difficult to find people who are amazing and I’m glad to have you included amongst my “unconditional” people to interact with. You “rock” and while I can understand why you are somewhat reluctant to promote your own articles, in a way, and fortunately, we are to do that for you 😉 Be looking out for that guest post. I’m sure it will be awesome, as always. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Lookie who’s back in the game and looking to bring back the Echo, glad to see you back man.

    • Hi John. Good to see you here and yeah, I’m hoping that with the “name change and all (lame excuse), I will this time get it done regularly. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for stopping by

  • Hi DiTesco,

    This is a great idea and I remember when you use to share links. Its good to see you bring it back.

    I recently started back up my a weekly mashup. I am trying a little different as well. I tried just doing links, but those articles didn’t get much traffic compared to doing a summary / review of each link. But reviewing 10 – 20 links and doing a short write up takes a lot of time.

    So this time, I pulling text from each article as a preview and if I do not like the intro for the article, then I will review it and do a intro for it.

    • Hi there. Yeah, I follow you. It is actually better if we can provide some small summaries and maybe I am think of including the meta description of the page. Still thinking about it. Anyway, it is always a good way to share and hopefully will “force” people to write more captivating titles, lol.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Love the new SpeedLink addition to your blog. I also appreciate you adding my new post to the list of all the other outstanding articles. I’ll be sure to read every one of them.

    Once again, you’ve shown your generosity to the blogosphere. I wish you much continued success in 2011!

  • I loved the weekly echo and I’m sure I will feel the same about SpeedLink, and speaking of links, have you ever thought of putting your cool new signature on each post, then making it a link to a previous post? With the size of it might be kind of an obnoxious link, huh…lol
    But seriously, I have pretty much stopped following anyone else in the Home Based Business MMO niche except you, I just don’t have the time and I get most everything from your site anyway. Although it’s always great to see Ileane and John chime in with their wisdom. Wishing you great success in 2011.

    • Hi Dick. How are things doing on your end? Good to know that you are still “loyal” to my echos, lol. Thanks for your kind words. They are very inspiring and motivating. This is what fuels me to move on. Talk soon!

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