Some Less-Talked-About SEO Benefits You Love to Forget

Bloggers have been putting time and effort into search engine optimization for quite some time because it means higher visibility. If you can make your way to the top of a Google SERP, more people will see your website, more people will click, and more people will convert. It’s almost like a domino affect of success, with SEO being that little push.

However, there are actually quite a few other SEO benefits that people tend to forget. Aside from the cost and the improvement in search engine positioning, there are a few crucial benefits that fall by the wayside. If the obvious reasons weren’t enough to get you on the SEO bandwagon, maybe some of the more obscure reasons will.

The “Less Popular” SEO Benefits

Through all of the linking and tagging and writing, below are a few SEO benefits that you may have missed:

1. Browser Compatibility – People all over the world use different browsers to search the Internet (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). Each browser is a little bit different when it comes to showing you search results, so optimizing your website is the only way to ensure that your website is ready for all different browsers.

2. Consistency – SEO isn’t something that is going to end. People tend to forget that even a little bit of SEO effort will go a long, long way because it usually lasts forever (unlike a PPC campaign).

3. Quicker Loading Times – Part of optimization is creating smaller files; thus improving your loading times. This sometimes takes webmasters by surprise, and others don’t even think about faster loading times falling under the SEO umbrella. Either way, this is a plus for users and search engines alike.

4. Knowledge – Learning SEO is actually a huge advantage on its own. Taking the time to optimize your website will force you to really begin to understand Google and the rules Google has set in place. This makes you valuable in the eyes of future employers, can open up more SEO and online marketing opportunities for you, and above all help you really understand all aspects of your website.

Are there any more SEO benefits that you think aren’t talked about enough? Do you think these things are worth it if nothing else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestro is the Editor-in-chief for Plan, Write, GO. She has been writing about all things digital marketing, both as a ghostwriter, guest writer, and blog manager, for over 10 years. Check out her blogging services to learn more!

18 thoughts on “Some Less-Talked-About SEO Benefits You Love to Forget

  • from my experience, SEO will be benefit our blog if we able to optimize and learn about this

  • That is really right. I makes websites user friendly. Optimization makes a site visible to your market. Consequently, those who do not plan to do SEO for their sites are left behind.

    • Hi, I agree that making your website user friendly and creating content for your readers and engaging with them helps both readers and you. SEO is an ongoing activity that requires continual efforts. Everything should be natural and quality should never be compromised.

  • You are right Amanda, optimization does help us in the long run if not in the smaller ones. Basically people are busy eying the rankings, they have to be among the top five, this has taken place in their conscience, and if it fails to do so, people think their efforts have been wasted. Thanks for reminding us the not so thought about benefits of SEO.

    • You’re right, Very often we get discouraged when we can’t see our website in Google’s first pages. Not to forget SEO requires perseverance and will never end. Even a little bit of efforts will benefit in the long run. Great Post Amanda.

  • Hi Amanda,
    Nice right up about the facts which are less talked but have a great relevance in the internet world.And being consistent is the only way out of the trouble.

  • Yes, SEO is not just about keywords. Well put. Some of these are not even known to many bloggers! Thanks for the headsup Amanda.

  • Absolutely, half the work of creating a website is making sure that viewers get an equal representation across the board. If you want to incorporate “cutting edge” features into your code, make sure that these elements degrade gracefully and do not prevent any users from accessing content. Design is meant to facilitate ease of communication, and if you’re unable to communicate with your viewer (missing plugins, broken images, an otherwise inaccessible page) – you can’t move forward. Great article!

  • Learning how SEO works, will definetly help you optimize your web apps!
    Thanks for sharing Amanda.

  • For SEO work must be consistent and frequent. Your contents must be research based either you use them for on site SEO or off site SEO. Create always relative links from sites having high PR.

  • Great points. Getting people to your site is, of course, what you want. However, if your site isn’t very functional to some visitors once they get there they probably won’t come back.

  • SEO is something which is helpful from all aspects. Rightly have you said that apart from just giving your page good rankings and making it more visible, it does a hell lot of other things also, which ofcourse are not known to all. However I hope that this post will help enlighten some of us at the least.

  • It’s almost embarrassing how much I forget about load times and browser compatibility. A nice little tap on the shoulder to remind me on some technical issues that I need to focus on when it comes to SEO. Thanks Amanda

  • SEO truely has many benefits when it comes to blogging and other internet marketing factors. However, Its good to read your post and learn something new from it. It was helpful to know more about SEO and the unsaid features it possesses. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are small but very effective benefits of SEO and people easily ignore these. But your article put attention towards these points, specially the point number 4 as to learn about new things and techniques you keep in touch with new updates and information. It is really beneficial for you as it always enhance your knowledge.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Your are really true. I did miss on checking the browser compatibility in the past. May be, because it was not a priority at that time. It definitely can help us a lot if checked and updated. Thanks for this lovely post.

  • However, some of the best individuals to learn SEO from are those that are organically ranked at the top of the search engines already. The website owners who are already ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines evidently know what they’re doing to gain those footholds, which makes these people the perfect individuals to learn from.

  • Thank you so much everyone for reading, and so sorry that commenting back slipped through the cracks on this one! I’m really glad you all agree–I think sometimes posts like this are needed because SEO isn’t a subject where people really stop and think of the little things.

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