Rich Snippets and Authorship: Implementation and Benefits [infographic]

Rich snippets and authorship are seen almost everywhere in the search engine results pages. For a search user, rich snippets and authorship helps them identify if what they’re searching for is from a particular site, or from a particular author.

Using rich snippets has many benefits, some of which are:

  • It draws more attention to users when searching for something (normally with stars and or image of the author)
  • Data provided to the user is more relevant to their query, hence the increased CTR for your pages.
  • Gives webmasters an additional layer of optimization and a chance to highlight content better.

Authorship and Rich SnippetsAuthorship Implementation:

A recent study made by Conductor revealed that only 9% of top tech blogs have the rel=author tag implemented properly, 3% incomplete implementation and a whopping 88% simply do not have them implemented at all. That is really surprising as the authorship helps improve your search listings by simply implementing or fixing it.


For bloggers or businesses that are leveraging on content marketing and strategies, there’s an especially large benefit of having markup for authors being displayed in the SERPs. Implementation is fairly easy and done properly, your photo, name, and link to other articles may show on the SERPs, providing in some cases a sense of trust and authority. It also encourages users to click-through the results with a higher possibility.

This information graphic, provided by SEOMoz provides a visual guide that walks you through the basics, fundamental types, implementation, and benefits of utilizing rich snippets.

That’s it! Have you implemented your authorship yet? Is it working properly? Do you even think it is important?

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13 thoughts on “Rich Snippets and Authorship: Implementation and Benefits [infographic]

  • i’m using rich snippet too, i had hard time for this work successful, this is useful for me

  • This is very helpful information, I think many people still don’t understand the importance of Rich Snippets. Google has already posted this topic on his official blog but surprisingly many bloggers still surprise when you speak the term the term ” Rich Snippets”. It’s my personal experience.

  • It is strange that people are still unaware about rich snippets and authorship implementation. Search engines like Google are used on a daily basis. And people do read the 3-4 line summary under each link before opening the one that they think is most relevant. Those 3-4 lines are the rich snippets. I’m sure this post will help enlighten people.

  • Great post Francisco. Google authorship has definitely brought more traffic to my previous site. As you said in your content, it draws more attention to the users. Thanks for the write up.

  • I think I need to read this a few more times. I am a little confused. But what’s new. This blogging world is a ll a blur to me, but I am a trooper.

    Thanks for posting. I’ll go back and read it again!

  • I am a little lost here. Could you explain what does authorship implementation do and how is it beneficial? I get the concept of Rich Snippets. What is the ‘rel=author’ tag? I guess, like Joe, I too am a little naive when it comes to the world of blogging. It interests me though and I do want to learn more about it.

  • I have the same questions as Linda. Could you explain what does authorship implementation do and how is it beneficial?

  • Hey DiTesco,
    Great review about rich snippets mate.I have worked hard on this and after making a real deal with myself.And now with the infographics i guess my work has regained its power and i have learned some additional things too.

  • I’ve recently been pushing for more SEO tools and techniques such as athorship and rich snippets. I began adding the authorship tags to the majority of my work, and will soon enable rich snippets – the numbers just seem too overwhelming not to do so.

    I cannot wait until this becomes a standard inside of WordPress. It’s bound to happen eventually, right? 😀

  • I have experienced increased traffic to my site ever since I started using authorship. I guess its about time it becomes a norm on the web. I can vouch for its effectiveness. I’m glad you posted about this so that more people know how advantageous this is. Thanks.

  • I am not so tech-savvy or blog-savvy as you may want to call it. I just started with a blog of my own. So I wanted to know how this authorship implementation and rich snippets can help me? And basically what will I have to do? I know I come across as ignorant. But this may go a long way in helping me generate traffic. Thanks.

  • Great infographic, everything about rich snippets are included. i will do more research about this and implement to our site.

    • Hi Karen.. You mean you haven’t implemented it yet, lol

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