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Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great week, and a productive one at that. This weeks buzz undoubtedly was again related to the social web. Google+ Pages being made available to everyone was one of those that attracted most of the attention. So much so that new services to “measure” your influence on Google+ has started to appear. Pretty much similar to Klout, PeerIndex, etc.. There are now two that I am aware of that measures and tracks your Google+ related activities, influence and more. I guess this was just a matter of time… Those services are CircleCount.com and PlusClout.com (familiar?). Not so sure what good they will serve for us all, but I am sure that many will soon talk about it. You might want to check it out and perhaps get in there. BTW, do you know of any other similar services? What good (if any) will all this “numbers” be for us? We’ll see…

Anyway and as usual, in no particular order.


Blogging/Online Business (tips and tools)

Social Web/Technology/Other Stuff

How does Google determine page speed? (beginning 1:15 interesting)

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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4 thoughts on “SpeedLink 44/2011, Google+ Clout, SEO, Online Business, Page Speed

  • Hi DiTesco!
    I checked out PlusClout and I even added the badge to the sidebar on my Blogger blog. However I prefer the badge from SocialStatistics because it shows the counts of my “followers” and “following” which basically means circles. It’s I nice ratio at this point with about 4,000 people have me in circles and I have about 1,000. It’s funny because I have more people adding me to circles than I do following me on Twitter from my primary account. I think it’s because I was an early adopter and got added to circles from some other early adopters that are more popular than me 🙂

    Thanks for the round up and all the fantastic resources – and of course the video. Chat soon.

  • Even though i’m a silent reader these CircleCount.com and PlusClout.com websites does not ring any bell to me. I am more delighted with the links you posted. Excellent review.

  • Thanks for this awareness, i have check it out, there are really a nice stuff, btw i saw same site like this, but currently i forget its link, when i get remember that i will tell you here!
    thanks for share 🙂

  • I keep wondering about the Google page speed in webmaster tools. It is so up and down for me. It tells me decent numbers for a while, then it jumps way up. I didn’t know it was based on toolbar data. Anyway thanks for the links this week.

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