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If you’re a hobbyist, blogging can be extremely fun and exciting. But what if you’re blogging for a living?

Each day we are faced with the task of coming up with fresh and quality content. And for those who have been blogging regularly there is that added experience which we affectionately refer to as writer’s block.

Blogging is not an easy task and getting the right ideas for your blog post is certainly its most difficult part. Fortunately, there are simple and proven ways on how you can fresh ideas for your blog posts.

Choose topics that you are very passionate about

Choosing a topic which you are genuinely passionate about can go a long way in making the writing process a whole lot smoother. If you’re passionate about the topic you’re tackling; you can write it in a more fluid and conversational manner.

It can be a lot easier if you write something that you are very knowledgeable about. Doing so can add authority and credibility not just to your blog post but to your entire blog as well. Choosing a topic you’re passionate about also saves you time in writing.

Choose a topic and make an outline

Picking out a topic and outlining it to different angles is one of the oldest tricks in the freelancer’s book. You can turn one topic into several different topics just by shifting the angles and point of views. To illustrate it clearly, a topic about holidays for example can be sliced into different angles such as cheap holidays, best places to find for cheap flights, the benefits of knowing how to search and compare cheap holidays to Turkey, information about a travel destination, etc.

Get ideas from news stories, reviews and other blog posts

You can also get fresh blog post ideas from news stories, reviews and posts from other websites within your niche. A simple Google or Yahoo! search can provide you with countless of ideas for your new content. Similarly, you can also get fresh and timely ideas just by signing up with blogs and RSS feeds, blog sharing sites like Technorati, Scribnia and Junta24 and also social media sharing sites like Google+ Pages, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Digg.

Learn to write in several different styles

You can also make the writing process a lot easier if you invest time in learning how to write in different writing styles. Some of the most used writing style ideas being used by writers today are the list, frequently asked questions (FAQs), straightforward, profession, step by step, mistakes and arguments style.

Basically, a single article can be turned into several other forms if only the writer knows how to restructure their article into those different writing styles. There are a plethora of resources available online – all of which can be helpful in generating ideas for your blog post. In addition, you should also think like your audience and put yourself on their situation – ask yourself the question “what would readers want to learn?”

Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose Old Articles

One of the things that describe quality content is its ability to provide timeless benefits to its readers. Repurposing or going back to popular articles reinforces your drive to provide quality information for your readers. Check on updates on the topic to make it timely and resubmit it to your readers for further discussion and reading.

Curate Content – Create A Resource List, Mashups or Roundups

Another form of creating quality content easily is by curating content. Content curation is gaining its momentum, as more users are looking for quality information provided by trusted sources. With so many “noise” out there, finding, grouping, organizing and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online, is a good way to go. Curating content is easier achieved when using specific tools such as CurationSoft. Here’s a timely video, created by DiTesco – CurationSoft Review

Suzzane Edwards

Suzzane Edwards is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When she’s not writing for, she could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

19 thoughts on “Fresh Ideas for a New Blog Post – Content Creation Made Easy

  • Some good ideas for new content Suzzane! Most of my article ideas just pop in my head at the wierdest times – while I’m driving or out and about, etc! I then just jot down the idea on my sticky notes widget on my droid so I don’t forget them. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Suzzane,
    Great tips. I love the idea of re-purposing old articles. I think its an excellent way to get the most of your content. After all you spend hours and days on creating an artcile, why not benefit from it as much as you can. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the wonderful comments. Having a piece of paper and pen is really a good idea since bringing our laptop every time is just too cumbersome. I can’t take full credit for recycling old posts, Francisco helped with the post and he suggested re-purposing previous popular content as another way of coming up with a new post. Thanks Francisco!

  • Nice post, Its really a challenge to get fresh idea’s for writing. I have not tried different styles, but can be a good way to give a freshness to readers. I am trying some content curation currently, thanks for the tool.

  • Creating fresh content is certainly a dailly challenge for any blogger or website owner. For me the best way to get new ideas is to actually check other blogs and forums on my niche, this always work, another thing that someone can do is to reuse previous articles but not as text, it could be a video presentation, a podcast etc

    Kostas | Opportunities Planet

  • Nice Info!!!!

    No doubt in that this is very useful post for every bloggers beside that this is also true words if we want to get much comments on our blog post then we need to work some different ideas on our blog post and the main character in that is content we all know very well what is the importance of content in every blog post and readers also wants to read something fresh and new content in each and every blog.

  • Suzzane,
    This was a timely article, as I have just started a new blog. Right now the ideas are flowing but for how long? I will be integrating these suggestions.

  • Interesting article, suzzane. Getting fresh ideas for writing content is a challenge for every blogger. I use social blogging communities & forums to get the new blog post ideas.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  • A little variation I use to “choosing a topic and making an outline” is to choose to seemingly unrelated topics and trying to smoosh them together. It might start off a little ridiculous but eventually it leads to something interesting. Try it.

  • Hi Suzzane…

    As there are lot of way and ideas for writing content we just need to realise it and grab it. But what you have shared are highly effective as I have also tried many from this which always worked for me.

    Thus thanks a lot for this generous sharing.

  • As you have prioritized, choosing a passionate topic is very important to keep you interested in what you are doing. Naturally, your interest on such a topic will bring fresh ideas to your article. Nice thought out list of points to create good articles.

  • Such a great guidelines Suzzane. Thank you for motivating us to keep on writing. For me blogging is my life because I want to share new ideas and I want to build a good relationship to others.

  • Although I am just a hobbyist in blog, I am interested in your blog :D. Your information is great, thank you. Often, we could write our blog with the same collected information in different way, maybe it could save a lot of time for us.

  • Hi Suzzane,

    Wonderful post. Thanks for posting this. I am new in the blogging business and keeping it unique and new is hard. Sometimes choosing what to write takes a lot of time. I will try to apply what you write. Do you have tips in how to defeat boredom specially when you are writing? πŸ™‚

  • Glad to be of help. Thanks for the wonderful input. Certainly picked a few additional points for creating new topics. How to fight boredom? I often find playing some music in the background or watching TV while working in front of the laptop helps me kill time and boredom.

  • Great post, Suzanne. It is normal to experience writer’s block from time to time, but if one blogs for a living he or she has to find ways to overcome that block. I really agree with you when you mentioned that it is a good idea to visit other blogs, read other people’s articles, etc. I do that at times and that really helps me come up with fresh ideas. I also watch movies and TV series several times a week as those relax me and when I’m relaxed, I am more motivated to write.

  • It is for those of us who are just learning to create a blog, content is very hard to look for. But if we make it a hobby blog, we would be easy to find fresh ideas …

  • Nice content idea generation tips. At times, a topic will just come up or from a question somewhere might have asked me. Nice post.

  • Enjoyed your article on Content Creation Made Easy. I am not into internet marketing; but, merely looking for ways to popularize my new site on anxiety attacks. You have provided me some very helpful tips. Thank you πŸ™‚

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