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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great week. How are you all doing? This week, aside from me going frenzy with curating content, I noticed an awful lot of buzz surrounding Klout’s recent score changes. Some say they like Klout, and some say the opposite. Some went as far as completely “disabling” their profile from Klout (see link below), which although complicated is doable. At the end of the day, I am confused as to the importance of Klout. Is it really important or not? What say you?

On a side note, GMails recent changes (this is an awesome page BTW), also inspired a lot of people to talk about it. I recently switched over to the new look, and I have to admit that I like it. Again, you may or may not like the changes, but it would be nice to know your opinion.

As usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business

  • Is Allowing For Guest Post Submissions Got You In a Twist?
  • How To Create Professional Corporate Video Blogs For Your Website
  • 8 Firefox Add-Ons That Help Me to Build Rank and Profit
  • Using Google+ Hangouts For Business
  • How small businesses can benefit from Facebook


Social Web/Other Stuff


That’s it! Enjoy and here’s to a great week ahead.


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9 thoughts on “SpeedLink 42/2011, Content Curation, Klout, Blogging, Online Business

  • Hi Francisco,

    Klout is just a number going up and down, people tend to judge others with numbers…social media is more than numbers are relationships!
    Too much Klout recently and for strong reasons.

    I’ve been invited by Ileane also to Scoop and I’m trying it 🙂

    Still the new Gmail isn’t in my zone 😉
    I’m missing some links this week, reading them for sure.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!



    • Hi Gera. Thanks for your wishes.. right back at ya to a rockin weekend..

      Anyway, I agree Klout is more of a numbers game, but I am still looking into its real impact.. We’ll see how it goes.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend. hope all is well

  • Hi DiTesco, I see you got bit by the curating bug just like me. I keep finding new curation tools to explore and I end up testing all of them. 🙂
    Thanks for including the guest post from Sharon – she has an interesting way to giving advice to bloggers about getting their content shared. She’s an awesome writer and I’m so happy to have her on my team.
    I’m listening to Matt’s vid now.
    Have a great week ahead my friend.

    • Hi ileane. Indeed, the curation bug has bit me. You do know that its entirely your fault, haha. I am loving Scoop.it and despite having so many tools out there, I think I am stking with two maybe three max. Aside from Scoop.it, Paper.li /more specific) and Bundlr, what else do you “love” using?

      Have a great weekend you too..

  • I keep my klout profile up, but that’s mainly for the benefit of others who may use my klout score for their advertising metrics. Otherwise, I agree that I don’t put much stock in a klout score as I think it can be an artificially inflated metric.

  • Nice list and video Francisco. I appreciate you including our post, “Using Google+ Hangouts For Business”. Ileane introduced me to Content Curation and Klout as well. Very cool.

  • What’s Klout DiTesco?
    Seriously, I’ve set it up initially but your average customer doesn’t use this before they decide to buy something from you.

    Don’t get me wrong, for us hardcore marketers it does help determine who the big players are and who we should connect with.

    Thanks for the recommendations on the other posts, lots of good stuff to read for the next week. 🙂

  • Let’s try this again. 🙂

    I signed up for a Klout account last week but I don’t think I’ll be making use of it as it doesn’t seem to do anything from what I can see, apart from let you show off how many followers you have on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Great collection mate, thanks for having my post 😀

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