Speedlink V37/2011, Google+, Social Web, SEO And Guy Kawasaki

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. On my end, things are finally starting to get better. Got a new ISP, fixed hacked websites and managed to be more active on the social web. Have to admit that it has been a nightmare for the last couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Anyway, if don’t know already, today marks the official launch of Hesham’s “Best Selling Affiliate Products Blogging Contest”. As with everything Hesham does when hosting contests, this one, is quite interesting due to a number of reasons, the most compelling being the topic. If you like to participate in blogging contests and get the chance to win $1.000, I suggest you head over there to find out more.

BTW, this weeks video is not about Matt Cutts (sorry). Decided to favor Guy Kawasaki’s interview from Chris Brogan. In this interview, among other things, Guy mentions why he favors Google+ over other social media platforms. Must watch.

As usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business

  • Methods Bloggers Use to Make Money Blogging: MindMap (Darren Rowse) Good one!
  • 6 Ways Brands Can Earn More Exposure on Tumblr
  • I Need $1000! THE 30-Day Plan for Making Fast Internet Income
  • Understanding How to Monetize Website Traffic
  • How to Turn Your WordPress Site into an Automated Sales Machine


Social Web/Other Stuff

Inside The Mind Of Guy Kawasaki

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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8 thoughts on “Speedlink V37/2011, Google+, Social Web, SEO And Guy Kawasaki

  • Francisco,

    This looks like a good roundup here. I have read a few, but certainly going to check out those that I have not read! I appreciate your including my post with this august company.

    Have a great weekend man!


  • I am an avid follower of Guy Kawasaki and all I can say is that he is really good :). Thanks for this superb post Sir.

  • Another great roundup, I have read most of them and I am really impressed from the indepth and to the point advices of “I Need $1000! THE 30-Day Plan for Making Fast Internet Income” . It explains everything a newbie should start doing in order to make his/her first money online, thanks for sharing…

    Regards Kostas

  • I’ve switched isp a few times in my day. The process can vary from fast and simple, to a total pain not nearly as much as dealing and fixing hacked websites though. Hope you got it squared away now. Also it seems like there has been quite a few Facebook timeline threads the past few days or week. Some people like it, and others hate it.

  • I’ve read quite some of them Fran. But still gotta catch up (as always). Your roundups are great, I would be missing some golden stuff without it 🙂 Keep doing it!

  • It’s true that facebook try to get in top ranking is social media sites by launching timelines and other updates.But Kawasaki’s interview from Chris Brogan mention every thing in the favor of Google+.

  • Thanks for the fresh links/articles you shared. Also, great Guy Kawasaki video.

  • Great article and yes, that was a cool video as well. Keep up the great work!

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