Facebook’s Changes Vs. Facebook Marketers

Facebook recently has dramatically done a lot of changes. So, should we as Facebook marketers think about how that will effect the way we do marketing on Facebook? How are we going to deal with the changes? For this reason, and in order to succeed in Facebook marketing after these changes, you will have to come up with more compelling content and integrate yourself further into people’s lives. Actually, this is the way Facebook wants you to think when marketing your brand. The big loser was the “Like”, which is now a little less relevant and will have a smaller role in marketing on Facebook.

As you can see in the image below, one of the changes that Facebook has done, and this time nothing related to FaceBook privacy issues, was the addition of the blue angle in the top left corner to unmark a top story and more options are available in the “dropdown menu” located on the top right of each update. Facebook will make a use for this to know what’s best to show up in users news feeds. The thing is, since users have more control over their news feeds, pages with boring or irrelevant content will have a lower visibility into their fans news feeds. (However, they will still show up in the ticker).

David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation for 360i, says Facebook will now be about branding actions. “Before on Facebook it was about getting people to ‘Like’ the brand,” he says. “Now, it’s about getting people to take social actions enabled by that brand.” For example, if a consumer posts an update about a run they just took, that’s a prime opportunity for Nike. “If your run is powered by Nike, you might still wear Adidas,” says Berkowitz, “but Adidas will have to find something else that’s social about its brand to become part of your story.”

What We Have To Do

Now we have to think about Facebook marketing as story telling, which is really not a novelty, as Facebook introduced earlier this year the “Sponsored Stories” ad unit. Moreover, consumers will have the possibility of being more selective about their interests and whoever applies the best practice will reap the best benefits.

These changes will absolutely require new thinking from marketers who have simply tried to accumulate as many fans and “Likes” as possible. The “Like” as I mentioned earlier is a little less relevant now, and for that reason marketers will have to work harder to earn their place in news feeds. Firstly, you have to build your Facebook EdgeRank between your page and your fans (please consider reading the guide to Facebook SEO an article that I’ve written). Secondly, your contents are going to need to be amazing, and it is now more important to deliver something value to your fans or you might just lose everything.


I think that Facebook did really well by making it a better living place, despite those changes having an opposite effect to us as Facebook marketers. It is however a sign to work harder, to be able to reach Facebook traffic successfully. Maybe this was Facebook’s reply to people who thought that getting traffic from Facebook was easy to get.

Now, what do you think about facebook’s changes? let us know by writing a comment.

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30 thoughts on “Facebook’s Changes Vs. Facebook Marketers

  • I’m still on the fence. I think the immediate reaction from most people was that they hated the changed. But that’s usually the response about any change, then people get used to it 🙂

    • You are so right! that what happen with every change facebook had done 😀
      thanks for the comment.

  • I am much much happy with new changes on facebook as a marketer and I don’t think their is really something to fear about. The button you have mentioned is much better than the previous situation where one was only able to see the feeds oh his connection with whom he frequently stay intouch but now the feeds from your every connection is available. You have more chances of visibility in the new version

    • I may agree with you! but now it is really easy for the fans to hide our updates from the news feeds. So now, it all about making our updates AMAZING.

      Thanks for stopping by

      • Hi Faissal,

        First, great post! I think the fact that you pointed out “I think that Facebook did really well by making it a better living place” is so right on. It’s basically taking them back to their roots if you will in being a social gathering where people can get together and hear from and converse with those they really want to.

        I do think you are right in saying that your updates have to be amazing. But I also think as a marketer that you better have been doing that already. And for those who want to hear from you, they still will keep you in the loop. The ones who are less invested, well… good luck. 😉

        Take care!

        • Yeah! you are right! our updates have to be amazing even before the changes!

          Thanks a lot for your great comment.

  • Every time Facebook changes everyone has a problem with it then they get use to it and then Facebook changes it again.. I don’t mind all the changes I just think the silly updated thing on the right of the page gets a little annoying.

    • LOL.. Thanks for the comment.

    • What I find annoying is when I just want to post and there’s this little message on the corner. I don’t know what it says because I get so annoyed and just log out. Too many changes at once that’s what annoys most people.

      • Dominick, you are right!! facebook should make the changes slightly, so people can track with what facebook is up to 🙁

        thanks for the comment.

  • No doubt in that these changes are nice and these are required to change.

    Beside that Facebook is one of the largest social media site where lots of traffic comes in a day.

    • Yeah!! changes make anything fresh just imagine that facebook hasn’t been changing from the start!!

      ofcourse! it won’t be the first Social nerworking site in the world. It won’t be the second largest site after Google 😀 changes are required for any site.

      thanks a lot for the comment

  • Changes that has been done by facebook are good for all the users and marketers that are using it to generate traffic.

    • yeah if we know how to deal with the changes 😉
      Thanks Asher for stopping by!

  • I’m loving that, especially if it goes off executed as intended. I’m curious to know with the absence of the like button as a measure tool, how is the determination made as to what constitutes ” truly amazing content ” ?

    • It happens by users! when they interact with your updates. But if they don’t like your updates they simply going to hide them from their feeds.

      so users determine weather the content is amazing or not.

      thanks for the comment.

  • I do not like it and to be honest i am not sure this changes will do anything regarding the SEO. On top of that i understand that google will change the rules one more time and i bet it has to do with Google +

    cheers, Radu

    • Radu!! the challenge between FACEBOOK & G+ is in fire 😀 we will see many changes as each one of them wants to be the best, this is good actually 😉

  • Facebook Timeline is not impressive so far, maybe because its on beta stage but IMO, these will just get worst when time comes.

    • Herbert, have you tried the timeline??

      • Also, it takes a while to open your timeline profile which is very inconvenient for those who have a slower internet connection.

        • It is still a beta version 🙂


  • Facebook has done some nice changes this time. Although not everyone will be pleased I’m so far happy coz there’s lot lesser noise now 🙂

    • Yeah!! I agree with you, Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I had yet to go into Facebook marketing because I always place Facebook as a personal dairy of whatever I want to post from my blog to personal stuff, not sure about others, but I think it doesn’t make any difference for me, may be the changes are suited to business marketers.

    • You are missing a lot my friend 🙂 anyway, thanks for the comment.

  • I am still a little confused over all the changes facebook has made it will take a bit to figure out what exactly they were trying to accomplish with the change.

    • facebook is doing great things for both users and marketers!! soon everything will be so clear 🙂

      thanks for the comment.

  • I must admit, I am one of the many who cried like a baby when such changes happens. But you are right, this Facebook change made us, internet marketers to work harder and smarter.

    • Thank you for the comment and thanks Ronleyba for stopping by 🙂

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