Speedlink V35/2011, TimThumb Vulnerability, SEO, Social Web And Google Analytics Resources

Hello everyone! Pretty hectic week for me and you may have noticed that I was somewhat MIA. Internet connection problems, two of my client’s sites and one of my own, have been hacked. These, among other things, contributed for this lack of inactivity.

That said, I would like to draw your special attention to the TimThumb vulnerability issue. If you have not heard about the problem, and how to fix it, I strongly recommend reading Kim’s recent post, TimThumb WordPress Security Issue. Fixing the TimThumb issue is not as easy as it may seem and it can be very technical. Fortunately, on Kim’s post, she found a WordPress plugin that scans and eliminates the problem in any WordPress powered website. After running the scan, all of my sites but one (this one), were infected, and yes, if you’ve guessed it by now, includes the hacked sites. Do yourself a favor and run a scan of your site, the bugger can be anywhere in disguise. It will keep your site safer and avoid wasting time and effort, if not worst.

As usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business

  • 5 Ways to Instantly Earn Trust and Build Rapport
  • 7 Secrets to Becoming a Blogging Rockstar Exposed!
  • 7 Signs that You’ve Got What it Takes to Enter the Surviving the Blog Contest
  • Is Your Blog Spiraling Into An Echo Chamber?
  • Quick Lessons in Live Blogging
  • How to Write About Anything


Social Web/Other Stuff

How can I identify causes of a PageRank drop?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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10 thoughts on “Speedlink V35/2011, TimThumb Vulnerability, SEO, Social Web And Google Analytics Resources

  • There have been lots of hacking done using the TimThumb vulnerability recently. I have seen many bloggers posting about this issue and it seems to be a big havoc for everyone.

  • Thanks a lot for having my post! have a nice weekend, DiTesco.

  • Hi Francisco,

    Sorry to hear that the week wasn’t “ideal” and a site hacked, ouch 🙁

    I’ve installed that TimThum plugin recommended by Kim, it takes seconds and you’re safer! So you know the cause of the hack, that issue….

    Great compilation, will explore deeply.

    Btw – thanks a lot for the recommendation for Commentluv 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend,


  • I’ve heard about the timthumb vulnerability for a while now. Most of the instructions and help with it are a bit confusing. And, since there are so many different themes and framework out there from what I gather it can be as simple as downloading the up to date file. Or, it can involve additional code modification. I update one that was simple updating the framework, another I did need to manually edit some php code to several theme files. I would make a backup of your current files if you are not too sure about it first.

  • I think many blogs were affected by the Tim thumb issue. Good to hear that you fixed it sooner!

  • I have been through these worst condition too and exactly from that time I am thinking why wordpress doesn’t pay attention to these bugs and try to fix them. They no very well how many people are earning from their blogs and if the blog goes down everything will go down for them

  • Sorry to hear that your sites have been hacked. But getting hacked is an intimation that you’re so popular 🙂 Jokes apart, I hope you managed with the chaos.

    Thanks for featuring my link, much appreciated 🙂

  • Hey thanks for this informative video about how pagerank drops and I think I need to watch it for sure because my pagerank dropped down this month.

  • Hi DiTesco! I am very sorry to hear that your sites have been hacked. It is nice to use speedlink to detect it. I’ve been there too.

  • Thanks for the TimThumb scanner. Great plugin for me because I really don’t have any coding skills to check if my blog is infected or what hehe.

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