Speedlink V38/2011, Google Panda, Twitter Marketing, SEO And The Visionary

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive weekend. This week, as you may already know, the “world” lost one of the greatest names in history. A visionary, a creative genius and a great human being, Steve Jobs has in one way or another affected our lives. He certainly deserves all the wonderful reactions that was brought upon to him this week, and I am sure that he is now in a better place, RIP Steve. You will be remembered..

On a side note, Google has been busy again this week. Another Panda wave was unleashed, Google search data from webmaster tools is now integrated into analytics, and a small change in its PageRank URL lookup, caused a momentary panic and related services to fail.

Anyway, as usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web/Other Stuff

Changing your website’s domain name

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great and productive week ahead.


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13 thoughts on “Speedlink V38/2011, Google Panda, Twitter Marketing, SEO And The Visionary

  • Hi Francisco,

    Yes this week, the loss of Steve Jobs is so to regret for the entire community.

    I’ve read some articles of the recap, but as always I missed someone.
    Facebook too complicated – no doubt about it. More like G+!

    And this panda update, made my blog without PR and I know others are in the same situation.

    Have a great weekend,


    • Everything seems to be not working well this week Sir Gera… PR checkers are not working well 🙁 maybe because of the recent Google update or the loss of Steve Jobs (RIP)..

      * on Sir Gera’s PR, if you check it on Chrome (im using Firefox ang PR checker addons are not working) with PR checker addon, your blog is still PR4 😀

      • Thanks Herbert!

        Anyway my PR tools on firefox and chrome aren’t working. No problem. I’ll wait till all this update ends and I’ll see the result 🙂

    • Hi Gera. Herbert mentioned, your PR must still be there as it was only a change with the URL lookup of Google. You should be OK 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Thanks for stopping by

  • Re: Matt’s Video: LOL…I can just picture a site owner writing to CNN or The New York Times and asking them to change a link that points at your site. I’m sure they’d love to that. ROFLOL Unlesss you’re another big brand I wouldn’t expect that idea to work.

    Great roundup. I’m off to check out 50+ Awesome Posts on Conversions

    • Gail, just saw the complete video, and you’re right we need to talk to CNN or The New York Times to update our links to ours LOL!

      Only so big brands can do that! For the rest of the “normal” cyberspace is a joke 😉

    • Hi Gail. LOL.. you are so right about Matt’s comment. If I ever get a link from any of those two sites mentioned, I will most likely not even risk changing the domain name, haha.

      Have a gr8 weekend and thanks for stopping by

  • Sad news about Steve Jobs I think maybe only the good do die young.

    I enjoy watching Matt Cutt’s videos when I have a little spare time. He does make some good uggestions for moving a website to a new domain. Although, like others mentioned I don’t think contacting a site owner and asking them to update your links to point to your new domain name will happen. At least not very often, and very unlikely for most, but good to know Mr. Cutt’s.

    • Hi Ray. Yep, it is sad that “good” people tend to leave us sooner than later. “someone” does work in mysterious ways..

      All the best

  • Really a significant week, in one way or the other; Google was busy and scared everyone and Steve is no more.

    Well thanks for the roundup Fran, as always valuable collection. I just watched Matt’s vid and am waiting to get my stats back.

    • Hi Jane. A significant week indeed, and hopefully, Panda will take a break for a while this week 🙂 It is difficult to coupe up with so many changes, haha.

      As for Steve, yes, a genius and a great guy will unfortunately be with us no longer. He will be forever remembered though, that’s for sure.

  • Thanks for including my post in this list! Great as always! 🙂

    • You are welcome Kristi. A “killer” post like that always deserves to be shared 😉

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