Can Your Blog Make You Money Offline?

There’s a new wave of emerging businesses that are choosing to use their blogs to make money both online and off in their local areas. Could your blog be the key to an entirely untapped revenue stream from your local neighborhoods?

What is a semi-local business?

A semi-local business is one that offers a portion of its products or services virtually via the internet and another portion offline through traditional methods or word-of-mouth marketing. They are much less susceptible to risks involving say…Google Panda updates…as they typically have a more diversified income stream.

How can my blog be semi-local?

Whether you realize it or not, chances are you’re already close to having a semi-local business straight from your blog. Think about what you blog about. Is it internet marketing? Do you blog about graphic design or copywriting? Maybe you blog about making money online or weight loss? These are all very popular markets online, and those same people exist in the offline world – many of them who still don’t know how to search for the best solutions to their problems online.

All you need to do is transition your approach to an offline world. There are markets that aren’t traditionally found online. When was the last time you saw a plumber with an extensive internet marketing campaign? These businesses can be great candidates for coaching or consulting. Do you offer services as a freelance writer? You’d be surprised how many businesses benefit from a well-worded billboard, Yellowpage or newspaper ad. All it takes is a little creative thinking to transition your online blog into a semi-local offline business.

How do I find customers offline?

Referrals have always been and always will be the best source of business anywhere. When looking for customers in a new market, tap into the folks you know. Have some affordable business cards or brochures printed up and give them to your friends. Include all your services/products, contact details, customer support, preferably with an 800 number, to further encourage people to get in touch with you. Just be sure not to invest so much on your printing and 0800 numbers cost.

Offline marketing has always been more expensive option than with the internet. The marketing industry offline has existed for centuries longer than the internet has. But you’re already set up with affordable rates and brilliant offers because of your online experience. You have a natural advantage due to your access to virtual assistants, partnerships and online tools. The only difference will be the occasional in-person visit to potential clients.

How Can I Learn More About Becoming Semi-Local?

Danny Iny over at Firepole Marketing has put together a fantastic survey for semi-local businesses or those interested in making the transition to a semi-local business model. Be sure to check out that survey, fill it out and then stay tuned for the results. It will run from October 10th to the 15th. The survey will generate lots of information for those interested in a semi-local approach to their online businesses about making this kind of transition and understanding what’s really involved. You can check out the survey here.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready to experiment with a new approach to making money with your blog? I would love to hear about your experiences if you’ve already tried something similar! In the blogosphere, the first to arrive at a new trend are always the ones to profit the most! Could this be the next move for your blog?


Brandon runs Big Dogs Internet Marketing - a company helping small businesses build an affordable and effective online presence. He enjoys providing free online marketing advice though the Big Dogs blog to help out the struggling non-marketer.

16 thoughts on “Can Your Blog Make You Money Offline?

  • How I wish my blog would generate a good revenue.. 🙁 still diggin my way on that spot 😀

    • Don’t give up! Sometimes it takes a while. Thanks for reading!

  • Interesting take on local. Anything that can help us reduce our dependence on Google has to be a good thing. They are way too powerful.

    • You got that right. We forget that they don’t own the internet. It’s okay to make money without them!

  • Interesting topic Brandon,

    There are so many ways a blogger could get local business. Putting ads on craigslist is free and it can always bring you new customers. You could even use grocery bulletin boards to put your ads in front of hundred and thousands of potential clients.

    • I like the grocery store idea. That is probably one of the most neglected advertising avenues of any online business. Thanks for commenting!

  • You are right it’s some expensive but if you will get good response from offline then i think we shouldn’t feel any thing wrong about that.

  • Hi Brandon
    Usually bloggers and online marketers underestimate the value of local and traditional marketing but in most cases traditional marketing is more effective and trustworthy, for example sending mails to local businesses to offer a service is much more effective and has much higher open rates than sending emails…

    Kostas | Opportunities Planet

    • Good point. I think the online world is saturated in advertising, so much so that we tend to grow numb to it. Getting thing in person can be a nice change. Thanks for reading!

  • “the first to arrive at a new trend are always the ones to profit the most!”

    Well, I guess I need to be the ahead of everyone else right? But right now, I’m not. Haven’t tried offline strategies yet, I’m focusing online and you know some word of mouth.

    • Just take it one step at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that’s out there. It will still be there when you’re ready!

      • I hope so. But I taking atleast a bit of all so I’m pretty much aware of all trends whether Offline or online.

  • Nice post.Thank you for sharing your very informative article.Lots of ideas that can help a lot.

    • Glad you liked it, thanks for reading!

  • Great post, and very informative. I’ve never even looked at the possibility of local blogging. It makes sense though: target your geographical area first, and then expand slowly — or am I missing the point? Either it was a great read.

    • Nope, you got it spot on! Just adapt whatever you’re offering through your blog to offline clients and track them down in person. That’s the most simple way to do it anyway. Thanks for stopping by!

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