CommentLuv Version 2.9 Is Here, The Countdown

New Supercool Free CommentLuv Is About To Be Born

First, if you are not yet familiar with CommentLuv, in a nutshell, it adds a “titled” link of your latest blog post whenever you leave comments on any CommentLuv enabled site. It seems simple, but the benefits are tremendous depending on how you use its potential. It can bring traffic for you, build relationships, interact with like minded people, create brand awareness, backlinks, among other things. Anyway, here are some interesting articles you can read to find out why your blog should be CommentLuv enabled and some of its benefits.

Goodbye CommentLuv 2.8, welcome 2.9

Andy, the proud developer of the popular CommentLuv, has spent a great deal of effort to provide all bloggers with a new and improved CommentLuv. As he said recently, on a private channel, lol….

I’m super excited about seeing what started off as a dainty little plugin created just as a bit of fun on my personal blog turn in to a standalone plugin that anyone with WordPress can use. This new version of CommentLuv will change the way the game is played and will open the door to new and exciting things that I hope you will be part of.

Well, are you not just a bit curious as to how exactly did Andy manage to improve something that already is great? I for one am, and all this suspense is killing me.

CommentLuv Fun starts on Tuesday 31st May @ Midday EST

As I said, Andy is launching very soon the new version of CommetLuv, and it all starts here in this video. Please click on the image below and watch the video it in its entirety (less than 4 minutes). From there, well …. just click on it. And before I forget, Andy also said that there will be a bonus free plugin on offer and also a cash money contest, which details are soon to be revealed. Let the CommentLuv countdown begin.

commentluv 2.9 countdown

That’s it! Have fun and enjoy CommentLuv.


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9 thoughts on “CommentLuv Version 2.9 Is Here, The Countdown

  • I’m gone through two parts of his movies. Its enjoying and I love the way he puts force into content while he speaks.

    Andy really announced it and arose more curiosity. Because he did not changed the version number (its still 2.9), I don’t expect much change but commentLuv, oh ya, its already too good!

  • CommentLuv is a great way to get traffic for the publisher and useful backlinks and traffic for commentators. Actually CommentLuv and Top Commandator are the best plugins to get traffic and it is a win win game for both blog owner and commentators!

  • I am a huge huge huge commentluv fan. This makes my evening. I’m looking forward to tomorrow even more. Commentluv is a must for any blogger who cares about the blogging community and our visitors. I recommend it to all my students and I don’t create a site without it.

  • I would try to push forth the issue of registering as a member of each individual site to truly get the biggest bang out of the use of CommentLuv.

    Majority of my visitors do not have their own sites and primarily ask me how to get started. When they register, i send them little nuggets of info on what to use for traffic and becoming more visible.

    Always looking to help others, is my main motto…lol

  • This is totally awesome, and I am in love with commentluv. Watched the first part of video, very interesting, and I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome, Andy does a great job already !

  • Today the legendary founder of CommentLuv Andy Bailey announced the release of v2.9 of the CommentLuv plugin.

    Big thank you to Andy for his work.

  • That is really cool. I do like the new features.

  • That’s great plugin but only thing i worried that It invite many spammer commenter to blogs..:P

  • I do love the new improvements. Thanks for the review.

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