When starting a website or blog, one of the most common tips you will find on the internet is choosing the right niche or topic. Normally, you will already have a clear picture of what your website is about and at a certain point of your journey, your readers too.

To further build your readership base, it is also important that search engines understand what your site is about. The coveted #1 on Google’s rankings is a dream come true for many and in order to get to that spot, you have to implement acceptable SEO techniques, provide value for your readers and focus on your sites brand or image of yourself. Having a powerful identity online will make it easier for search engines to know the topicality of your site and will be very helpful for you in the long term. Google uses several ranking algorithms and one of them analyzes and associate terms and topics to your brand, usually your name (gravatar) or your site, if you don’t have an official brand name like Google:)

So, what does Google think of your site?
Fortunately, there is no need to theorize on what Google thinks about your site. For those who have not yet heard of the wonder wheel, I have made a simple introduction to this tool on an article I wrote about the 3 step guide to simple SEO article writing. This is probably one of the tools I use the most. Anyway, let me give you an example as to what Google thinks about iBlogZone.

Fire up the wonder wheel and Google returns the following for iBlogZone:


That’s just about right. Only thing missing there is internet marketing and I will just have to be patient and wait until Google finds out more about my site. If you noticed, Google also associates iBlogZone to DiTesco (wonder who this guy is). Let’s click on that and see what happens. This will explode another wheel.


Yep! Still right and clicking on Google affiliate program will return iBlogZone #3 (just under Google’s first two). Not bad:)

Finally, you can also click on related searches. In iBlogZone’s case, it returns the following:


As you can see, I believe that Google pretty much knows what my site is about and that, can be a relevant factor when determining my web ranking results.

What about you? Give it a try and see what Mr. G has to say about you. It can be fun or frustrating, and unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do, except to focus on your sites topic. Google will reward you for that eventually.


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