4 Tips On How to Blog While You Travel

Many of you expert bloggers out there know that it’s very hard to stay away from your blog for lengthy periods of time. A blog, if left untended, can quickly decline in stature. Traffic can dry up as your reader turn to other blogs for new content. And your ability to stay on top of the news and recent trends in your niche is significantly affected. So what do you do, then, if you must travel and can’t keep up your regular blogging schedule? Well, here are a few tips to help you make sure your blog flourishes as you make your way to your destination or enjoy your vacation.

Schedule Your Posts Before You Schedule Your Flight

One thing to ensure that your blog will keep functioning well while you’re gone is to schedule posts to publish when you can’t be in front of the computer. This means you’ll have to pace yourself and write enough content the week before you leave, but that’s the price you have to pay for taking a vacation. Also, be sure to notify your readers of your temporary absence. Explain you’ll still be posting material, but you won’t have a chance to respond to comments until you get back.

Republish Old, But Popular Content

While this might not be the perfect solution, it does allow you to satisfy your readers if you’re in a complete bind and can’t post new content while you’re gone. Have a series of your most popular posts scheduled to publish, but add to them a brief introduction, which you can write before you leave, about why this was a popular post. In that introduction, try to ask questions about the content. How does it apply today? What do new readers think? By doing this, you can create a conversation out of old material.

Invite Guest Bloggers to Post New Content

You could also invite a guest blogger or several to maintain your blog while you’re gone. This is a great way to both keep the content coming for your readers and develop relationships with other bloggers in your niche. You could ask your guest bloggers to write on certain topics, or just give them the freedom to do whatever they’d like within reason. I’ve found it’s generally helpful to all involved if you have some sort of vision for the posts and topics your guest bloggers can write, but as they say, each to his own!

Blog from the Road

I know this sort of goes against the overall theme of this post, so let me clarify. I don’t mean that you should blog regularly from the road. If you can’t do it, that’s not a big deal. If you can, there’s no requirement that you post as regularly or as in-depth as you normally would. As long as you do what you’re most comfortable, that’s all that matters. If you have a smart phone, or limited internet access, or a few minutes here and there, you can always post little bursts of updates from the road. Or, if you’d rather wait, you can always write down any ideas you get while on the road, and save them for a batch of posts that you can write and publish upon your return.

How about you, what do you do when you must travel or be absent for a time period and can’t keep up your regular blogging schedule?


Alvina Lopez, is an avid writer who writes on the topics of accredited online schools.

20 thoughts on “4 Tips On How to Blog While You Travel

  • Its really difficult to blog while travelling. We have to plan this in advance if there is schedule of going out.
    What I do is write a number of posts and schedule them for the entire period while I am away. Its also advisable to carry your laptop for some emergency access.

  • I’ve always state in a blog posts that I will be away for a while and try to schedule some posts while I am away, sometimes on the odd occasion, I will hook up via WiFi and write a post if it one comes to me, but blogging can be very addictive and I just can’t leave mine alone 😉

  • Great Post. I think scheduling blog posts is best way to blog while you travel.
    Inviting guest bloggers can be helpful sometimes.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great post.

  • Hi Alvina,

    Very nice ideas you’ve listed. I really like the idea of writing small bursts; maybe writing about things that you’ve found to be inspirational while on your trip that somehow relate to your industry. Or even write about an experience you had whilst on the road that you learned from and wanted to briefly share it with your readers to later write a full article on.

    Very cool! 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  • I agree with you on everything except publishing old content. I’m always afraid that if I do that, my readers might get bored and leave my blog, so its a huge no for me

    • Hi Amr, I totally understand your disagreement. The most important thing is to know what you’re readers want and give them what they want. It sounds like you have a good sense of your readers, so maybe it’s good to avoid republishing old content in your case.

      Thanks for reading!

  • This really is a nice and helpful post. I too have been through the same problem in recent times and the best solution I could find was to get someone who could do guest blogging instead. Guest Blogging does help a lot in such situations but you still then you have to find them and request them for the same. I have been quite lucky with this thing till date as most of them have agreed to do so. Other than getting guest posts, we can also go for something like scheduling our posts, this I haven’t tried till date but would like to. Thanks for all these great tips.

    • Hi Aswani, yes, it’s sometimes hard to make sure you can get the guest bloggers in time. It really takes planning, that’s for sure. I’ve found that traveling really creates more work for me in the weeks leading up to my departure. But it’s definitely worth it!

  • Last month I was going on holidays for 10 days so I made 3 scheduled posts to be posted during this period. Republishing old/popular posts is also a nice idea.

  • this will help me a lot as i am traveling more these days

  • I wouldn’t post delicate technical articles on a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, but some people may be able to do it. I’ll prefer to schedule tweets in advance so that they’ll post in time.

    • LOL, I agree, Andreas. Also, your idea about using Twitter is brilliant. I never even thought of using Twitter while traveling instead of blogging at length. Thanks for the tip!

  • I tried blogging while i was traveling but I was not able to post just write. When I see something interesting it sort of gives me ideas on what to write or what words to use for metaphors and such. Have you tried blogging on a train though?

  • Depends on where you travel. I was in Phuket (Thailand) last year and i had hard time entire week to get internet connection even for one hour. Guess what, hotels were asking me to pay 220 baht per hour. I can’t afford blogging at that cost LOL!!

  • There are some good suggestions in this post. I think the two best are to schedule posts ahead of time or have a guest blogger manage things while you’re away. Sure, there are some who could keep to their blogging schedule while they travel, but there are too many variables when traveling so it’s probably best not to.

  • Republishing an old article or two wouldn’t be a bad idea in this case, especially if we have been blogging for over a year and have made some great posts some time ago.

  • I try to schedule all my posts at least a month in advance so that I can travel whenever I want, it also relieves my stress on a day to day basis since I don’t have to pull all nighters trying to get my posts out on time. If you use a guest poster as you mention do you give them access to allow it to publish since it would normally require your approval?

  • I just had a 2 week break and I scheduled some posts. I tried using my I-phone to respond to comments but I soon spent too many £’s!

    You might like to check out my guest post on WeBlog Better about Why Bloggers Should Never Go On Holiday.

  • Hi Alvina,
    I have several vacation lined up this summer so I am finding this post valuable.

    I would get several posts lined up and scheduled as you said. I post every three days so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for me.

    It would be cool to have someone maintain my blog while I am gone though.

  • Hi Alvina,

    thanks for sharing your insights and your ideas, appreciate them. What I do when travelling, I post about my travel experiences including videos and how they apply to my business and my niche.

    Take care


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