Google AdSense: Checklist For Beginners And Existing Users

AdSense checklist has just been recently launched by Google for publishers that are just starting or interested in improving their experience with the program. The checklist consists of five parts, offering basic recommendations, required steps, and tips to help you grow your account to its full potential.

The AdSense checklist is particularly helpful for beginners to Google AdSense program. Also, existing AdSense publishers are also recommended to check it out as it is always a good idea to revisit the basics. You never know what you may or may not be overlooking. Following below are the highlights of what you to expect from this checklist. Whenever possible, I have provided links to topics I have also discussed here, which you may be also interested to see from a different set of views and opinions.

The Google AdSense Checklist


First Steps
You will learn how to set up your account and make sure it’s running properly.

  • Read the program policies: Get yourself familiar with the AdSense TOS
  • Sign up for AdSense: Apply to join AdSense and sign in to your account.
  • Create an ad unit: Create your very first ad unit and make sure AdSense ads are displayed properly on your page.

The Next Level
Once your ads have been running for a while, learn how to track your progress and make changes to improve revenues and performance.

  • See how your ad is doing: Learn about reporting and how to interpret your performance statistics.
  • Opt-in to image ads: Opting in showing image ads as well as text ads will increase the number of ads eligible for your pages and drive up your potential earnings.
  • Create channels: Create channels to compare different ad units and pages.
  • Get familiar with the Ad Review Center: Review placement targeted ads eligible to appear on your website and maintain control over ads that you’re showing. Learn how to improve your earnings by using AdSense Placement Targeting.

Get Paid
You have finally reached the verification threshold required to receive your money.

  • Submit your tax information: You won’t receive payment unless you complete this step.
  • Enter your PIN: Confirm your postal address by entering your PIN code, which will be sent to you in the mail.
  • Select a form of payment: Choose how you’d like to receive your AdSense payments (sadly no PayPal, yet?)
  • Understand the payment cycle: Learn about the payment cycle and when to expect your payments. If you are interested, you can also find out how much does Google AdSense pay you?

Improve your earnings
Moving up a notch. Now that you’ve covered the basics, learn more ways to measure your results and make the most of your AdSense account.

  • Optimize an ad unit: Implement AdSense optimization tips and learn how small changes can have a big impact on your revenue.
  • Create an AdSense for Search box: Help your users find specific information on your site by adding AdSense for search.
  • Create a link unit: Try link units as a way to earn from small spaces on your website.
  • Sign up for live webinars: Sign up to attend free AdSense online seminars with Google specialists, who covers a variety of topics.

Mastering AdSense
Use powerful tools to get more out of your AdSense account.

  • Integrate Analytics to your AdSense account: Link your Adsense account to Analytics for more detailed reports and identify opportunities to increase your earnings.
  • Use Website optimizer: Test different versions of your website content and identify how to maximize your site’s effectiveness.
  • Increase the traffic on your pages: Increase your potential earnings by increasing your site traffic with Webmaster Tools. The Google SEO Starter guide can also help you in optimizing your website for organic traffic.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business: Manage your growing ad inventory from networks like AdSense and directly sold ads with our simple ad serving solution.

That wraps up the AdSense checklist. For the time being, the Google AdSense checklist is only available in US English and hopefully it will also be available in other languages soon (stay tuned). Just log in to your AdSense account and follow this link to gain access to the AdSense checklist.

Every once in a while Google launches some very interesting material to help anyone to enhance users experience. While this AdSense checklist is a great starting point, you should also read other information from publishers who share their experience while using AdSense. Combined, I am convinced that you have here a great source of information to hopefully be satisfied and earn a decent amount of money with the Google AdSense program.


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29 thoughts on “Google AdSense: Checklist For Beginners And Existing Users

  • I still can’t figure out why Google does not offer PayPal. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • Because Paypal is not available in many countries. For example, in my country, I can’t add funds to my paypal account, there are many limits. Western Union Quickcash is the best paying solution.

      • Thanks Tuan for providing a reply to @Hunter and for shedding some light into Western Union. Glad to now it works well. Thanks for taking the time to stop by

  • Good advice straight from google. Personally, I prefer affiliate marketing from affiliate marketing, but Adsense is a really the next best way to earn money online.

    • Google does not offer PayPal because they are trying to promote their own Google Checkout as an alternative website pay portal.

      • Hi Joshua. I can understand what you are saying but I don’t think that this is entirely the reason for that. Furthermore, in this case we are talking about Google paying and not receiving. Thanks for stopping by.

  • RT @ditesco AdSense Checklist Is Perfect For Beginners And Existing Users

  • You write such informative posts. Thanks. Personally they are not my favourite but some people get a good amount from their ads. I want to do my own when I eventually have any on my site.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. I understand why you are not into AdSense very much considering the “micro niche” you are in. Most likely, Google won’t have much relevant ads to show on your site that is related. Plus, this might hamper your efforts when starting to promote your own or affiliate products. Maybe in the future, who knows.

      As usual, nice to see you here. Have a great day

  • Thanks for the informative post. When I first signed up for Adsense there wasn’t checklist as such. This initiate from Google will help Adsense publishers.

  • I think google is realising that adsense is not on everyones radar at the moment so they are trying to influence the market and getting people to realize that adsense stil holds its value. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hi Bro. Good to see you here and I agree that in a way, Google is doing much of this stuff lately to “call” people’s attention. After all, they too should be advertising or marketing their services if you will 🙂

      BTW, you should write to Akismet as for some reason you appear to have been tagged by them. To me no problem because I know you. Sorry to be telling you here but it was faster. Thanks for stopping by.

  • RT @ditesco: AdSense Checklist Is Perfect For Beginners And Existing Users

    • Hi Rodolfo. Many thanks for the RT. Have a great day.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Haven’t ventured into Adsense yet for my NBB site but I see how this would be very handy. Always great to have a guide to make sure nothing is missing.

    Used to use blogging checklist for WP when I first began posting and it was so helpful in helping me stay on top on what needed to be done.

    Considering all the options webmasters have these days to monetize their sites, they need to step things up somehow, right?

    Thanks for the heads up! =)

    • Now that’s odd! You mean to say that you have not yet used AdSense on NBB but you are actually using it on other websites, right? 🙂 AdSense has been giving me some steady income and mind you, not on this blog. The “checklist” above does work provided people take action on it. It will not “auto magically” reap profits but in the long run, it pays off.

      • I’ve used it on my online store as well as my mommy blog. But I have gotten such little return on my mom blog. Although I have to say in all fairness, I’ve thrown that site to the way-side, so getting very little traffic at the moment.

        The only reason I haven’t added it to my site yet is because I’m working on my online product and not sure if the advertisements would conflict with it. But I guess from you’re saying it’s worth the effort of trying it out. =)

        • I get you :). One way of avoiding conflicts is that if you are going to use a specific page to promote your product, then “turn-off” AdSense ads only on that page. That should do it (I think).

  • After using some of these alternative adsense services, I must say that Adsense is still the one that is the most potential because it has more advertisers and more competition between advertisers.

  • I think this checklist is going to be a huge help to people who have just started using adsense and do not understand much about adsense. Also it can act pretty much helpful for other Adsense users to solving their many queries that they have about Adsense policies

  • Long time…nice and useful post. I have been using Google Adsense from long and so this checklist will certainly be helpful for me and many others using the same. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Aswani. Indeed, long time no see, but we are friends for life :), so no problem. Hope all is well with you.

      As for the checklist, I have read it in its entirety and I have to admit that is indeed very useful. It has some nice tips on how one can improve its earnings. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Wat r the Minimum requirements for google ads account creation ???

  • Google Adsense is still the king and the best way to make money online. However, each publisher is at the mercy of Google.

  • For me the Adsense program just pigeon holes my creativity and ability to want to be a bit ribald from time to time. Everyone here on the web can’t only want to look at text ads that are so plain.

    This is why I use a different solution called Pixazza.

    • Hi Tony. Not tried Pixazza yet and thanks for the heads up. Will definitely check it out 🙂

      • Just a brief synopsis on adsense acct required to show adsense ads on images… actual aff membership for product tagging required…and the option to apply to become a “product expert” for tagging images.

        To me all upsides, and the ads can be turned on/off with simple code

  • I am finally caving in and looking into adding AdSense to my blog – what to do, the girl’s gotta eat. LOL

    So far my head is spinning, I barely know where to start…

    I did notice you are using Pixazza for your images, Francisco, and when I checked with them, they require you to have 100K pageviews minimum to sign up. I get half of that over at TGC. Do you get that many or is there a “work-around”?


    • Hi Ana. AdSense has still been very generous to me, not specially on this site but on different ones. It is very unfortunate that I don’t get as much clicks as I would “love to have”, as my CPC here is really awesome. Anyway, it is cool that you are going to give it a shot. As for Pixazza, yeah, I sent over my application and it took a while before my site got approved. I am not sure if I have 100K+ page views as they require because according to GA, I am somewhere in the neighborhood of 50K too. However, CloudFlare does give me some real “wild” numbers and I am not so sure how accurate they are. According to my latest 30 days stats on CF I have over 200K.. Wow. Anyway, there is no “work around” as far as I can tell. Just apply and see how it goes.. Good luck with them!

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