More AdSense Tips To Improve Revenue

AdSense Tips To Improve Revenue

Having posted recently an article about how to maximize your AdSense earnings, another tip that could help you further improve your earnings is by using AdSense’s placement targeting.

What is placement targeting?

One of the ways ads are targeted to AdSense publisher websites is through placement targeting. This AdWords feature is used for an advertiser to choose a specific ad placement for their ads to appear. They can target your website or blog specifically for certain placements, should this match their criteria for topics, themes, etc. What you probably don’t know is that placement targeting also makes your content available to Google’s internal sales teams. This sales team work very closely with many advertisers and generally help them to look and target a certain audience or type of content.

If you are already part of Google’s AdSense Network, chances are that your site is automatically visible to advertisers as an available ad placement when they search for themes or topics related to the content of your site. You can however refine the information for your ad placements with custom channels, thus providing more visibility and increased chance of advertisers bidding for a placement on your website. When this occurs, the chances of getting higher paying ads also increases considerably. Obviously, you should have all the necessary ingredients (quality, value or traffic of your Web site) to convince advertisers to place ads on your website or blog.

How can I make a custom channel into an ad placement?

When you create a custom channel into an ad placement that’s targetable by advertisers, you are providing them more information that is predefined by you. When you do this, you are essentially allowing advertisers to target your channel, thus enabling brand advertisers to place their content to your audience directly.

How do you create you own targetable custom channels?

1) Log into your AdSense account.
2) Under the AdSense Setup tab, click on the Channels page (if you are creating a new ad, first create the channel).
3) Choose the appropriate product (content, search, etc) and select custom channels.
4) Click the radio button next to the channel you’d like to make targetable, and then select ‘edit settings’ link.
5) Click the checkbox marked Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement and enter a description for your channel. This is where you should provide a good description (your pitch), so keep it simple and provide something accurate and informative that will represent your site well.
6) Click ‘Save channel’.

You’re done. Every once in a while, it is always good to see how your channels are performing. Try different variations, and see which one will work best for your site. In my case I have found that the 300X250 medium rectangle works better for me.

Lastly, below is a video tutorial on how to create custom channels on AdSense. Under the circumstances that this video was prepared, please let me know if it is too “yucky” so I can fire Steven Spielberg and hire a new director:)

Good luck and to your success.


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