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google ad planner logoWith all the recent changes that Google has been doing on their money making programs, you may wonder what next? Doing a quick recap, I have provided some information about several ways to increase your AdSense earnings and also about Google’s affiliate program payment integration with AdSense. From creating custom channels, using placement targeting, opening your website for third party networks, and all that, you can effectively see improvements in your earnings, provided you take action on what must be done in order to achieve the results you are looking for. Note the keyword “TAKE ACTION”. Here I go again constantly repeating myself about this (just do it).

That being said, Google is not stopping and recently introduced another form of increasing your presence for advertisers. Before going further, there is something that you should be aware of when it comes to making money online with Google. You need to think as an advertiser as well. Google provides so many tools for advertisers to make sure they get the return they are looking for when they decide to market their products or services using the several methods of advertising on Google. Advertisers are now looking deeper into statistics and information about websites, so they can target their ads to specific audiences rather than the standard, “I’m feeling lucky” mode. They can choose a Geo location, language, niche, low bounce rates, page views, unique visitors, sites description, you name it. Now, not all these information are readily available for advertisers. You need to give your site a push, to make it more visible for them, waving flags all over the place to get their attention. How?

Introducing Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is a media planning tool where advertisers find sites for their media buys. Being a site owner, you can now access the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center and do the following things:

Market your site – Write a site description to present your audience and unique value to advertisers. You have up to 250 characters to use to make you case. You can also add a URL of a page where advertisers can find more information on ways to advertise with you (note: not homepage, but rather a specific page providing more info – cool!)
Help advertisers search for you – Choose categories for your site and ad formats you support. You can also select up to five categories to quickly tell advertisers what your content is all about.
Improve the data that advertisers see – Share your Google Analytics data to reflect the most accurate traffic numbers for your site.

ad planner Google

Here is an overview video about the Google Ad Planner:

There you have it. If you are wondering why other websites seem to be making more money with Google or getting “higher” keyword payouts, it is because they are taking action and using all available tools to make their websites more visible and stand out for advertisers. Time to go and do some work.

What say you? Heard about this before?


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