DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #17

Ditesco echo 17Another week has gone by (fast) and since I have restarted to post my weekly echoes, I have been more active online and hopefully will continue to do so. This week I found many great articles worth sharing with you and this is the objective of the echoes, if you still do not know what it is about. As usual, without further ado, here are my suggestions for this week and in no particular order:

Protect Your Content and Reputation: A guest post from Kristi of Kikolani.com. She runs over some of the advantages and pitfalls of guest blogging and provides some valuable tips to consider when you are submitting your article to be published on any site.

How to Secure Your Social Media Brand & Personal Identity: Branding or Brand Marketing? Creating an online presence using Social Media is becoming more and more popular, which means that it is becoming increasingly more important to maintain a consistent brand and personal identity across all platforms. Why should you not ignore taking action today on protecting or securing your brand?

Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You: Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, this chart will help you choose the model that suits your needs and maximize your earnings. Awesome!

Top 10 Traits for Finding Your League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Saturday Morning Surfing: WIAW discusses the potential of creating an alliance of bloggers. People you can look out for, support, and lean on. If you don’t already have a blogging alliance, you need to build one.

How Google Handles Duplicate Content: Everybody has heard about “duplicate content” for sure. Thing is, it will always happen. What should you do to ensure that your content is considered to be the original source and not just a copy? Must read.

5 Strategies to Maintain and Improve Your #1 Rankings in Google – After You’ve Reached the Top: OK. You’ve done your SEO and you are now the proud owner of that #1 spot on Google or any other search engine. Now, what shoudl you do to keep it that way? Here are some excellent tips to help you maintain that position.

How to Recycle Your Existing Content?: I love this one. Sometimes I get stuck on what or how to write my next article. Here are some great ways to recycle some of your old articles and make them shine once again:) Plus, it helps beat that “block”.

43 Blogger Tips – What you should do after installing WordPress: Are you thinking of moving to WordPress (I am, soon)? Well if you are or just moved, here’s an awesome checklist of what you should do after making the move. You can also use it as a guide to remind you of things that you might have overlooked.

20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank: Ah! Alexa. Everybody wants better ranking on it. Why? Not so sure, but if you are monetizing your website, this is something that unfortunately you should be working on. Follow these tips and see how you can improve your Alexa Rankings.

ExtremeJohn’s Sunday Smash: Extreme John’s Sunday Smash is always a great source for more blogging tips and he does it well by doing his own roundup every Sunday:) Check it out.

That’s a wrap. Hope you enjoy reading these articles. Let me know what you think about them. Have a great week ahead.


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