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Qondio_logoSometime in October of last year, I published an article on how to get quality backlinks for free on Qassia, now Qondio. Since then, this website has evolved and many changes had been made. At its core, all you need to do is submit articles or “Intel” as they call it, get those articles rated and essentially nothing more. Think of it as an article submission directory (like Ezine), but with a very big twist.

An All-In-One Situation
Where else can you get, exposure, backlinks, and make money online, all at the same time? Quite difficult I must admit, but at Qondio, this is veritably possible. So how does this work?

1. Exposure: Each intel submitted includes mention or signature (resource bio box) of the contributor’s website, with a prominent link (including screenshot) to that website. The more intel you add, the more exposure (backlinks) you get for your site. Also, you can add as many websites you want, without having to add any reciprocal links or badges to further clutter your website’s design.

2. Reward Points: For every intel you add, you get reward points credited to your account. Reward points are earned based on the screening process of members, who rates your intel. Your intel does not get edited, but rather it receives “votes” from Qondio users. The higher your intel is rated, the more points you get. The more points you have, the better your websites will rank in their directory. Just for you to have an idea, I do not have much articles submitted, but one did rate particularly well and it has been sitting on the featured section of Qondio’s homepage for nearly six months now.

3. Revenue: This is where it gets even more interesting. On your Qondio pages, there are 5 zones available for your ads (see below).

qondio zones

Use your Google AdSense, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Program, or anything you want. Yes, anything you want. You can even put your own banners up there and you are allowed. Basically, you manage those spaces as if it were on your own website. How cool is that? So, when someone visits your pages (profile, intel, etc.), your ads will be displayed and 100% of the revenue is yours to keep. Here is an example of one of my intel pages.

Qondio Pages

To make things even simpler and easy to manage, they have partnered with uniQlicks, an ad manager web application which allows you to rotate your ads and monitor its performance.

With nearly 32,000 members and counting, you now have triple incentive to contribute to the community. Obviously, this will not get you ranking #1 on Google or make you rich overnight, but it certainly will help. Again, every bit counts. Interested? Hop over to Qondio and sign up for an account.

POST UPDATE (Oct. 05, 2009): @Klaus of Techpatio called my attention that it is now required to pay $5 to activate your account. I apologize for not letting you know sooner about this, but quite frankly I totally let this slip, as it was free before. My bad. Anyway, please be advised that you will have to pay a non-refundable activation fee of $5, should you wish to use this service (unless you have already signed up for Qassia before). It is still recommended, provided you participate and have the time to manage your account. Otherwise, you might want to hold on this for future use.


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3 thoughts on “Make Money And Get Exposure With Qondio

  • Thanks for this outline.

    I signed up with Qondio recently. I think it’s a very well run site. Sure, a lot of people won’t like that one-off fee but I think it’s worth it.

    Seems to be a good place for building backlinks from what I can tell so far.

  • I tried to register my site on Quondio and it asked me to pay a membership fee? do we think it is worth it? it is a pr 6 site so i guess useful?

    • That depends on how you intend to use it. If you are planning to be really very active, and your topic is very interesting, then it might be worth the trouble. Otherwise, since it is now a paid site, I would probably look for some other free alternative, like any of the 20 High PR Article Directories listed here.

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