Google Ad Planner – Connecting Publishers And Advertisers

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Still wondering why Google is such a dominant force in the advertising and publishing business? Simply put, Google does not stop. They keep going and going, releasing stuff, again and again.

Increase earnings with your Google Affiliate Programs

This time, there is a new tool that will help publishers/affiliates find the best advertisers, and advertisers to find the right audience. Ad Planner lets publishers submit their sites for appreciation to the most relevant advertisers. Claim your site in Ad Planner, get it verified and you are ready to go. If you already have your sites claimed and verified in Google’s webmasters tools, then the process is even easier.

To prepare your profile, log back into the Ad Planner Publisher Center to start editing. For each website claimed, write a site description, add your specific categories, indicate the type of ads you accept and add a URL where advertisers can find more information about your site. The whole idea behind this is that advertisers may end up paying more to target your audience. In return, your AdSense earnings or Google’s affiliate programs will hopefully increase, as the ads become more relevant and targeted to your audience.

To find out more, watch this Google Ad Planner overview video.


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