Why Your Blog Isn’t Successful?

Blogging is increasing in popularity rapidly. Companies, moms, freelancers, and creatives are all taking to their blogs as a hobby, a form of extra income, and to promote themselves. There are blogs covering every topic you could think of, with opinions as diverse as the blogs themselves. Whilst this is a great thing, blogging success isn’t any easy thing to achieve. Because of the number of bloggers out there, it’s becoming harder to stand out. Here’s are some of the reasons why your blog isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be…

What Do You Want Out Of Your Blog?

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The first thing to ask yourself is what do you want out of your blog. This will drastically change what success means to you. If you set up you blog as a hobby, something to encourage your writing perhaps, then success to you might just mean a few comments here and there. For some people, a blog is like a diary and it’s enough for it just to be being read by a few people. If you set up your blog as a way to promote your business then success to you will mean getting the word out. It’ll mean using you blog as a marketing tool. If you set your blog up to kick start your freelance career, success to you will mean an income.

So this is the very first thing to establish, what does success mean to you, in other words, what do you want out of your blog? Without a clear goal in mind, your blog won’t have a clear direction. This translates to confused content that won’t bring you success.

Are You A Writer?

You don’t have to be a writer to set up a blog. In fact, most people who do set up blogs have a passion for cooking, sport, makeup, or business. These blogs are hugely successful despite the fact that the creators aren’t natural writers. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you do want to take your blog to the next level, the content has to be good. You might decide to keep your content image heavy and have small amounts of text. Or you could decide to brush up on your writing skills. Alternatively, you could start to employ some freelance writers to create content for you. Whatever you do, remember that the quality of your content is important. Nobody wants to read a blog with typos and sentences which don’t make sense.

What Are You Writing About?

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This is a key stumbling block for a lot of blogs. It sounds obvious that you should know what you’re writing about, but so many bloggers don’t. Go right back to the start, the reason you started the blog. Consider what your passion was and why you did it. A lot of unsuccessful blogs lack focus. They’ll try to cover every lifestyle aspect going, from food to culture and fashion to makeup. The only way to make such a broad blog successful is to make it your full-time job. People want to read blogs written by those who are experts in their subject area, someone to look up to. Being an expert in multiple subject areas is tricky and means eating out regularly, shopping regularly, and this all adds up if you’re a casual blogger.

The lesson is; stick to what you know. Don’t worry if you’re blog is just for fitness fanatics or those mad about makeup. Just offer interesting and informed content. You can branch out when you’re ready. It’s a much better strategy than having patch content spanning lots of categories.

Are You Searchable?

If you’re trying to promote your business, services, or products online, you need to be searchable. One of the reasons your blog isn’t successful could be a marketing issue rather than a content one. If your content is great but you still aren’t getting traffic, consider using keywords. Keywords are part of an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that could drive traffic to your site. You can do this alone of you can consider using an SEO specialist company. If you want to market your business via blogging check out The Fortunate Investor for some money and investment advice. You may find that a marketing push is what your small business needs.

Do You Engage With Readers?

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There is another reason that your blog might not be successful, are you engaging with your audience? People who go on blogs love to ask questions, share their opinions, or praise the work you’ve done. This is especially true if you’re giving tutorials or advice of some kind. Engaging with your readers is a great way to increase activity on your blog. It also opens you up to a whole network of people and bloggers who can promote your blog too. Sharing ideas, listening to feedback, and encouraging debate are all part of a successful blog. If you want to get the conversation going ask readers for topics they’d like you to cover, what products they use, how they spend their time etc.



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