Simple Method To Selling Direct Ads Or Services

business_advertisingBefore I continue, I would like to say that in no way am I diverting revenue from all those ad networks in the sphere:) Advertisers constantly look for ways to attract attention with the hopes that users or potential customers will visit their websites with the ultimate goal of generating a conversion or a sale. They pay massive amounts of advertising dollars and use just about every form of publicity to reach their objectives. One of the most utilized forms of advertising is PPC or Pay-Per-Click. It is found to be economical and if done properly can drive massive traffic to their websites. If done wrong, it could cost them money and return on their investment (ROI) down the drain.

Now, you have a blog where you have given all the necessary vitamins to stand out. You have done your SEO and your promotions to obtain more traffic. You have interacted with the community and captured a loyal audience. Your Alexa is under 500K, good PR, many Twitter followers, etc. You have ad spaces available (or virtual real estate) for rent. You have all this, and yet no bling, bling is coming your way. What else can you do?

One of the “dreams” of a blogger when monetizing a website is to be able to sell ad spaces directly to advertisers. No middleman, higher payouts, no threshold, etc. You are in business, so business you must do. Rather than wait for something to happen, make things happen. You have nothing (maybe, but more of that later) to loose and a lot to gain. To Win A Game, You Must Play the Game. No more, no less.

Selling Your Virtual Real Estate Directly To Advertisers (Ad Spaces)

Just stop and think for a moment. How many millions of blogs are out there? True that there are those, that stands out and those that are nothing but sheer crap. Even being amongst the hundreds of thousands that are good can still, be complicated to catch an advertisers attention. So how can you catch their attention? Simple, write directly to them and offer them your ad spaces or services, here’s how:

First you should know that it is easier to sell ad spaces to advertisers that are relevant to their niche. Second, to spot them, all you have to do is look at your own adverts. Everyone has some sort of contextual advertising in their blogs. These are targeted based on your topic, so the ads that appear on your site are most likely, the advertisers you are looking for. Notice that, when an ad appears, you will see the title, a small description and the URL.


Go to that URL (without clicking the ad) and find their contact forms. Send them a professional email offering your services or ad spaces. Tell them the benefits of advertising on your blog. Statistics, topic, cost effectiveness (price) are normally information that advertisers are looking for. Make it as professional as possible and do not bombard them with follow ups, day after day. If you don’t here form them say 5 days later, send a follow up and nothing more. If nothing happens, then move forward and send more emails. Do not SPAM, that will hurt your credibility and professionalism. Eventually, someone is bound to hear more from what you have to offer. When that happens, negotiate, provide test periods and hopefully you will get to give it a go. Payments should be requested upfront to ensure that you get paid. Remember to be professional and ensure that your pricing is optimal. Do not overcharge, but then again, do not undervalue your ad spots.

Good luck. And again, if this is something you think you can do, do it, don’t try.


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