Views Of The Future In Marketing

Marketing is constantly changing but these days it’s all about technology. Tech is revolutionising how we buy, how products are sold and how they are marketed in some truly incredible ways. One example of this would be AR marketing. AR marketing might seem simple and it is but it’s also rather clever. With AR marketing you can make promotional materials far more exciting and immersive. You can open up images, videos and other content in a virtual world that customers can view on their phone screens or any tech device, at any time. That’s just one example of how tech is shaping marketing. Here are a few others.

Automated AI

Artificial intelligence is the future for a lot of businesses. Elon Musk has gone as far to suggest that we’re going to need a universal wage for all the jobs taken by AI robots. A form of this is certainly being seen in the marketing industry. Now rather than asking employees about products, customers can talk directly to automated software. They can provide all the information about a product and convince them to buy!


We’ve only just scratched the surface of what virtual reality technology could be. Currently, VR is limited to connecting head movements to the perception of a virtual world. While this is a far cry from what was promised in the Star Trek hologram deck, it’s still a valuable tool for marketing. The current VR tech can be used for a wide range of purposes from showing off the dimensions of a product to making customers feel as though they have been transported to a holiday destination.

You can find out more in the infographic that follows.

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Virtual Reality Marketing
Infographic created by Red Stag Fulfillment


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