DiTesco’s iBlogZone Is For Sale

blog for sale

I’m betting that this one, you were not expecting. To be honest, neither have I. So why, you may ask, am I selling this blog? Well, this is a long story, but to find out, read on. I promise to keep it short.

First, let’s hit the “rewind” button here. A couple of days ago, I received an email from Jan Geronimo letting me know about Daniel Scocco’s new ReTweet Club. When Jan recommends something, I always check it out without blinking an eye. So curious, I signed up for it.

Yesterday, I received a formal invite to join the club and as much as Holly Jahangiri, made her point, on her recent blog post, 11 Ways to Get 6 Billion – Well, OK, More Twitter Followers Than You Have Now, I still decided to go for it and see where it goes. Late last night, I received an email from one member of the club, asking me to Retweet an article. With Holly’s post in mind, I went to check it out for myself first, before retweeting it.

The article, The Top 5 Make Money Sites You Should Visit, is actually a recommended read. Blake Waddill, compares 5 blogs, based on their stats, content and style. Bloggers whom I never heard before, such as, John Chow, Brian Clark, and Darren Rowse are on this list:). What really got my attention, was how much their blogs are worth. Needless to say, that they were all worth way over the six figure mark. The company that provided this valuation is bizinformation.org. Again curious, I decided to see what my blog was worth. KABAM!

iblogzone sale

Yes! That’s $652.131.60. So now you know why my blog is for sale:). While I really want this to be true, I have to admit that I am not convinced that my blog is worth anything close to that figure (maybe a little bit, haha). Who knows, maybe one day (it’s OK to dream, right). After all I just found out today, that my Twitter profile is Graded A+, and side by side with the notables.

Go ahead make yourself feel good (hopefully), and find out how much your blog is worth.

I am sorry if I have deceived you, but I really could not find a better title for this post? Fire away. Let the auction begin, bidding starts at $499.999.99. If you don’t have the cash, you can always try to make some money by joining ExtremeJohn’s Fan Sign contest, where he is giving away a whopping $250 prize. That should be enough to reserve my blog for at least five days, lol.


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