Affiliate Marketing Tips – Future of Publishing part 3

Oliver Roup of VigLink completes his three-part mini-series where he interviews an expert panel on affiliate marketing. In this final episode in the three-part mini-series (don’t worry, there will be more Future of Publishing next week), Roup and the panel talk about affiliate fraud.

After going over the basics, they talk about how it hurts both legitimate publishers and affiliates, and what you can do to counter it. In addition, you will also get valuable tips on how to increase profits through affiliate marketing.


  • It’s pretty easy to identify false data…
  • Since humans don’t randomize numbers all that well…
  • And even machine-generated fake leads (using real data) don’t usually reflect patterns found in real registrations.

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  • Affiliate Marketing Tips – Future of Publishing part 3 via @DiTesco

  • Never just settle for the first product or service there is to write on. Take all the time you can so that you can read through all the options. Make a research on your target market. In the previous tip, I already mentioned about picking the product close to your heart. Do not promote multiple products on a single page because you are confusing the buyer on your site by giving him or her with more options which will be a hard hit for your commission. Keep in mind that affiliates do not sell, they merely help people find the products.


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