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Two days ago Brandon Falls (Google Search Quality Team) has written an article about some simple ways to improve a website’s performance in Google. Several questions have been made regarding this issue by webmasters, either at conferences or help groups, and while there are a lot of good information related to SEO on the internet, some can be too advanced and somewhat complicated to understand, specially for the beginners.

Having that said, the Google Team decided to create a simple and illustrated guide called – Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This guide, which the Google Team claims to be for all levels of experience and any size and type of website, covers around different areas, such as: improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, site maps, anchor text, and more.

Considering the source and the simplicity as to this guide has been prepared, I vividly recommend for everyone (specially the debutants) to check it out as this will not only give you a better understanding of what SEO is, but most importantly enable yourselves to optimize your sites the Google Way🙂

The article by Brandon, can be read here, and if want to skip all of this, download the SEO Optimization Starter Guide and enjoy.

Hope this helps.

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  • Good post. I completely missed this on the google site. Thanks!

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