4 Key Areas To Make Your Sales Copy Work

I have never written any sales copy but I have been a part of the same. When it comes to copyrighting, writing an effective sales copy may seem to be an uphill task though there are still many who have a solid grasp on this thing. Copyrighting essentials revolves around persuading your readers into taking a desired action and the biggest challenge one faces with the same is to do this all with ‘written’ words and no physical contact whatsoever. Thus it becomes a real test for anyone. Being a copywriter, you need to be able and ‘touch’ upon certain psychological triggers that leads to a certain action. And if you cannot then your online selling is likely to suffer most.

That said, it only requires a ‘skill’ and it is never late or difficult to learn. To make your sales copy effective there are certain areas which you must pay attention while preparing the same. These are certain psychological cornerstones that must be triggered within the readers to make it all happen in the end. And to put it simply, below are those 4 simple areas :

Capturing Reader’s Mind – Well, nothing more to explain here. You just have to do it and without this thing, You sales copy is worthless. You sales copy should be prepared in such a way that it intrigues you readers immediately and entices them to read further. A delicate balance of ‘salesmanship’ and probing is struck here to stimulate the intrigue. Make sure you are not over hyping anything here otherwise you are giving your readers a solid reason to ignore everything.

Building Desire – As you get your readers to dig inside the matter, you are more likely to build a desire in them. This is where you should be looking to speak about the benefits of the product you are selling online and how it can solve a nagging problem or fulfill one’s need. This gets more easier with the inclusion of testimonials as is helps in validation of the claims made.

Creating Need – Your sales copy should now be identifying your readers needs and these needs should be associated with the benefits of the products you are promoting in your sales copy and how those benefits will fulfill those needs. This transition in your sales copy should be done effectively only after introducing your products and its benefits. Make sure that you readers are made to associate their needs with what you have been mentioning in your sales copy.

Persuading Readers to Buy – Once you have build desire and created need for any particular product, the next big and final thing left is – call for an action. Not required but yes, one time again…just let them know about the benefits of using your products. And this should be followed by a clear and direct ‘call to action’ which urges them them to take an immediate action.

So, here we go. Aren’t these simple? Must remember – Successful Copy Writing is a skill that has to be learned in order to sell anything online. These 4 areas as we discussed above are key components of any sales copy especially when you have a little or no physical interaction with your readers online. By paying a little attention to these key areas, your online marketing efforts are likely to result in greater success.


Aswani is an avid blogger from India who blogs @aksindiblog.com. He has been blogging since 2007 and unlike many other bloggers who have found some niche to blog upon, he finds it best writing on anything and everything which interests him.

12 thoughts on “4 Key Areas To Make Your Sales Copy Work

  • Nice post Aswani. I agree with having to create a need. If the reader has no perceived need of the product or service, you will lose them pretty fast.

  • As usual a wonderful post Aswani, seems to me that this is a pretty unique post from your side. Though I haven’t made any sort of sales copy, the points you have mentioned here are amazing.

  • A big thanks to DiTesco for giving me an opportunity to be a guest writer on his wonderful blog. I could find some grammatical mistakes in the post. Please excuse me for the same. Hope this post is useful for the readers.

  • Aswani,

    Glad to see you here man.
    Really great Post. You mentioned some awesome points.
    Thanks for sharing this great Stuff man. Really great post.


  • Great post Aswani, all great points. Maybe the best point for me is creating need. If you leave know to your readers what’s the benefit they get by purchasing the product, you increase the desire, persuade reader to buy and capturing reader’s mind all togheter.

  • A unique post from you Aswani 🙂 the points which you have mentioned here is a must for a sales copy.

  • Aswani,

    In the recent past, I started a company that sold products through the internet and direct-response TV commercials. Though we used professional copywriters, I did learn a fair amount about this area.

    It’s important to use simple things like emotion in copy as well as a strong call to action. In the online realm, subtle things like versign secure logos etc help to convert and establish trust.

    We found that longer landing pages worked far better than shorter pages. Also, video content on our landing pages helped dramatically.

    Lastly, obtaining highly targeted visitors or traffic is essential to success too.

  • Awesome post, well done with this. I can’t even think of any other points to put up there. 😛

  • Hi Aswani. I am sorry for being late in thanking you for this awesome guest post. You have helped me in tough times like this and I am glad that you are where there when I need it. Have a great week ahead. I slowly but surely and coming back.

  • No probs..bro. I am always there for you…anytime. Keep in touch and have a nice day ahead…Cheers !!

  • Brilliantly written post Aswani this post strengthen my belief that you are a better writter than you believe. back to the post you have made some brilliant points and not only that you have explained them well and i must say your writing skill is an asset to you keep it up.

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