Quickly Getting Your Site Indexed By Google

Google Site Indexing

How does my website get indexed?

[note]Update: August 2011. While the method here explained by Caleb still works, there is another way to get your site indexed quickly by using Google’s webmaster tools and by submitting your site’s URL on Google. Just head over to Add URL To Google Tool and you are good to go.[/note]

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We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the web, and we invite you to submit your URL here. We do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.

Please enter your full URL, including the http:// prefix. For example: http://www.google.com/. You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your page. These are used only for our information and do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.

Please note: Only the top-level page from a host is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual page. Our crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest. Google updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will ‘fade out’ of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index.

So what exactly do we need in order to make money online?

Well, the very first thing you need is an online presence which can be accomplished by getting your own website. Of course, before anything else you will have to decide first what topic/subject of the market (commonly referred to as niche) you are going to target. Regardless of what niche you choose, just make sure that you blog about something that you like or passionate about. Things get pretty much easier when you are doing what you like. Since we are at it, you might want to check out some of my advice on Doing What You Like that I have written recently. Additional information can also be obtained from Blogging For Money – The Reverse Order.

The next important thing you need to have, once you got an online presence, is your sites capability of being found within the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. This means that those search engines must “index” you – a form for finding out about your site and best determine where you “fit in” with the rest of the websites already indexed. As your site grows with more content they need to be able to update your site by indexing them as needed.
The problem with getting your site indexed, is that it can take months for a search engine – specially one as big as Google- to find your site without some help. Several solutions exist:

  1. Manually submit your site to search engines, which is the longest route and doesn’t guarantee you will get indexed quickly.
  2. Pay a submission service which still doesn’t guarantee a thing, coupled with the fact that you can do it yourself for free.
  3. Or get your site’s link, embedded on another site that has already been indexed.

Since we are all beings filled with life, it only makes sense to study life and live in accordance with its energies and natural laws. Water – the substantive basis of all life – always follows the path of least resistance. That said, this makes #3 above the most efficient solution because once your link is on a site that gets crawled frequently, the search engines indexing that site are bound to see your link and cannot help but index yours as well.

The sites that get more frequently crawled by search engine spiders are the ones that constantly add new content. Website pages like StumbleUpon, Delicious, or Digg, to name a few are some of these. Now it is time to show you how to get on those sites. Let’s take Digg for example:

  1. Copy an excerpt from a post or article (even if you only have one!) on your site and submit it to Digg as a story.
  2. Once the story is accepted – which normally takes less than a minute – copy the unique Digg URL for your newly submitted story and use my secret for Pinging content For Traffic Technique for that particular URL.
  3. That’s it!

Oftentimes your site will be indexed within 24hrs, but just so you guys won’t hang me I will officially state “in 72 hours or less.” 🙂 To find out if you are now indexed, all you need to do is type in your site name into Google to see if you are now listed in their search results.

The next thing you are going to naturally want is higher placement within their search results and for that you must learn the basics of building links found here at iBlogZone. Now it is time for you to implement these solutions and then use the comments section below to tell us what kinds of experiences you have had.

[note]This is a guest post written by Caleb, author of the MarketSecrets blog.[/note]

Caleb has been around for a while and he knows what it takes when giving advice on doing business on the internet. We stumbled upon each other on the blogosphere and decided that a mutual co-operation between us will benefit both our visitors and our loyal readers as well. I also want to take this opportunity and thank him for writing this guest post here in my blog. Without further ado, I will let Caleb explain to you how to get quickly indexed on the major search engines.

Caleb: It’s an honor and pleasure to be featured on your site and I’m sure our readers will look forward to your guest post at the MarketSecrets blog giving advice on what to do with all the traffic as soon as it starts pouring in. But before that, and as everyone knows, there are some few steps that one must do in order to get traffic and eventually make money online.



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