25 Top Places to List Your Blog For Traffic and Quality Links

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You’ve probably seen several blog submission lists, many of which you don’t know if the links actually work or just a list of what is out there. Listing your blog in directories and search engines allow you to have more visibility and in most cases, get quality links that actually works, not to mention increasing your traffic. Given the vast amount of places available, it is difficult to judge where exactly should we list our blogs. To narrow it down, I have compiled a list of directories and search engines, that I suggest you get your blogs listed, as these are reliable. Some require simple registration, and some will require ownership verification. You can submit your blogs to all of them or just a few, make your choice. What is important is that you do:)

The following list has been complied as per December 1, 2008, in accordance with their PR. It should be noted that some variations may occur due to the time lag between the compilation date and the time this post is published.

Top Blog Directories and Search Engines

  1. Google Blog Search:  Who cares, list it!
  2. Yahoo Blogs Directory:  Who cares, list it!
  3. Yahoo Local:  Who cares, list it!
  4. BlogLines.com:  PR 9, 12342 Alexa Ranking
  5. Technorati.com:  PR 8, 431 Alexa Ranking
  6. DMoz:  PR 8,  2488 Alexa Ranking
  7. BoingBoing.com:  PR 8, 6875 Alexa Ranking
  8. BlogCatalog.com:  PR7, 1218 Alexa Ranking
  9. BlogDigger.com:  PR 7, 40049 Alexa Ranking
  10. Blogged.com:  PR 7, 31657 Alexa Ranking
  11. IceRocket:  PR 7, 36506 Alexa Ranking
  12. GlobeofBlogs.com:  PR 7, 64650 Alexa Ranking
  13. BlogPulse.com:  PR 7, 87699 Alexa Ranking
  14. BlogTopList.com:  PR 6, 2977 Alexa Ranking
  15. Best of the Web:  PR 6, 19676 Alexa Ranking
  16. Ezilion.com:  PR 6, 19762 Alexa Ranking
  17. Weblogs.com:  PR 6, 26905 Alexa Ranking
  18. Eaton Web:  PR 6, 56846 Alexa Ranking
  19. BlogScholar.com:  PR 6, 379911 Alexa Ranking
  20. BlogHop.com:  PR 6, 49895 Alexa Ranking
  21. LSBlogs.com:  PR 6, 89950 Alexa Ranking
  22. BlogBurst.com:  PR 6, 84646 Alexa Ranking
  23. FeedMap.Net:  PR 5, 102973 Alexa Ranking
  24. Blog-Directory.org:  PR 6, 139599 Alexa Ranking
  25. Blogs.com:  PR 5, 1106 Alexa Ranking

There you have it. All you need to do now is list your blogs (if you haven’t done it yet) in the above mentioned directories. If you have other directories to suggest, please leave them here by commenting. Your input is important, trust me on that.

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  • Woah, look at all the high pr sites. Indeed, there’s no question that these are the top directories and search engines. Too bad, it is not up-to-date but thanks!

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