Google Japan Drops Page Rank

There you have it.  Is this to be set as an example? Google Japan has hired a company who paid bloggers to write about a new search widget the company was offering. As a clear violation of Google’s rules, Google Japan has been demoted from Page Rank 9 to PR5 (ouch!). Google’s anti-spam chief, Matt Cutts, offers his apologies on video.

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Please pay attention to what “message” is being given here. Cutts reiterated Google’s stance on paid links and said the company’s position hadn’t changed.

We thought our position was clear, we didn’t need to reiterate, and I think part of the message is that maybe we do need to every so often just repeat why we think paid posts are bad.

This breaking news was extracted from WebProNews and you can read the full story here if you are interested.


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