There’s More To Blogging Than You First Think!

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Blogging is like an open book, there’s just so much that you can do with it, and so many places that it could take you, you just have to open your mind to it. The more time you spend blogging, the more you realise how good it’s for your life, and how much fun it’s bringing you. Some people have a passion for fitness, or playing a certain sport, but for those of you reading this, your hobby is most likely going to be your blog. This means that all of your heart and soul is going to go into it, and that will naturally lead you to find out that there is more to blogging than you first think, you just need to be able to discover it. So for those of you who have been pretty plain sailing up until now, this article is going to suit you perfectly. Here’s a blog post that is going to tell you that there

is so much more to blogging than you first think, and here’s just a little insight into that!

The Maintenance Is So High

The maintenance of a blog is not what you think, especially as it starts to grow. As your blog grows, you notice that the demand for your posts to be there a couple of times a week will grow, and you’ll start putting more effort into the content you’re publishing. No longer will it only be about creating a simple post to share your story, it’ll be about the images, the content, the links you’re putting in, and how the post is laid out. It’ll take you a good day or two to edit a post, so you can see that it builds up. You’d also need to be a bit more protective over your blog, so you could use special keyboard characters to copyright the end of each post, just to make sure that your idea stays your own. Be sure that you’re always finding ways to improve your posts as well. Taking inspiration from other bloggers might be the best thing for you to do!

And So Is The Risk

The risk of owning a blog is actually pretty high. Once you start investing your money and your time into it, you feel like you have a lot to lose. If you’re lucky enough to get to the point where you’re making a lot of money from it, you’ll definitely have a lot to lose. It’s so easy for your blog to get banned as well if you start going down the wrong route with collaborations. Some bloggers post tons of spammy blog posts just to get paid, but one day their blog will get blocked, and it has to be built from the ground up again!

It Can Be Catty

It most definitely can be a catty place to be in, and it can have such a negative effect on your mindset. When you go into blogging, you go into it hoping to find a supportive community, and for the most part, it most definitely is. So if you do find yourself coming into contact with any negativity, brush it off and surround yourself with the happiness and support. Don’t let negative energy take you away from your goal!


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