How To Keep A History Blog Fresh

One of the keys to maintaining a successful and fresh history blog is to make the content as engaging and fascinating to as many people as possible. By creating a fun and enthralling experience, you will see readers returning time and time again.

A mixture of film clips, lively podcasts, eye-catching illustrations and Pinterest forum boards will generate interest in your posts when you upload them to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Have look around at how others have constructed their History blogs. You will find practically every historical subject is covered somewhere by a blogger. But don’t be put off.  It’s a great way to be inspired and very often you will be able to pick out the good points that you like and build on that to provide something fresh and unique.

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Keep an eye on the news and I recommend downloading the news app on your phone to be ready to catch any breaking news stories or articles which could be a potential history blog.  Join up with the hundreds of historical Facebook groups that are filled with discussions and quirky facts, all of which can be turned into a fascinating blog.

  • Keep it Quirky – The quirkier the blog content the quicker you will find a steady and loyal audience. Niche blogs, can focus on a certain individual or subject within a genre. If your blog is about general crime in Victorian England, then pick an interesting individual or subject from that era and extend your article to cover what you want to say.  For example, a review of a Jack the Ripper walking tour in London would talk about the Ripper himself but then you can entice the reader by saying, if you want to learn more, about Victorian crime and criminals, please read on.
  • Write articles that feature hidden histories or lesser known individuals from the past – People love to discover a new twist to a familiar tale. So find a back story relating to famous events, such as, the unknown story of a person who helped others escape the Great Fire of London or an event which could have changed the course of history.
  • Upcoming events and anniversaries – Historical blogs which mark certain events and dates throughout history show the reader that you are on the ball when it comes to knowing your stuff.  Start adding as many historical events to your yearly calendar as possible then aim to focus your blog on these dates with titles such as “on this day 100 years ago” or “The suffragette movement 80 years ago this week “
  • Plunder your local library – You will be utterly amazed at the incredible stories, right on your doorstep, just waiting to be told. If your library has an old newspaper archive, it can be a goldmine of information which has never made it onto social media.  Basically, every bit of information will be brand new to the modern reader. Take these old stories and bring them back to life for a new generation to enjoy.
  • Connect the past with the present – People love social comparisons with the past.  Take a famous celebrity of today and compare them with a similar celebrity, but from the 1930’s.  Think of a really catchy title such as “Meet Johnny Depp’s time twin” etc.


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