How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

Do you constantly struggle to come up with an attention grabbing headline? My guess is that everyone does suffer from the same symptoms. Copy Blogger Founder Brian Clark. In this video, which was obtained from WebPronews, Brian shares some information with regards to writing catchy headlines.

First of all, if you read my 15 Minute SEO Checklist you will understand how important your headlines (Title Tags) really are. If you use your blog’s content as part of your Internet Marketing strategy, then you should know that “attention grabbing headlines” are an essential part to “catch” your potential visitor’s attention.

Here are some highlights extracted from WebProNews:

Brian says that people obsess too much about the placement of keywords. While they are important especially for the search engines, what they are “wrapped up in” is more important. Your phrasing ultimately determines how much attention you get which therefore, determines your links, sales, etc.

The headline has to be compelling, but that doesn’t mean it has to be controversial to prove that it is compelling. Brian actually says the method of being controversial is overused and in order to be truly effective, suggests going beyond being controversial and experiment with other techniques.

As far as length goes, Brian says to make your headline “as long as necessary.” It’s better to have a longer title to encourage the reader to keep reading than to make it too brief and reduce interest. Brian recommends having a headline of 8-10 words as a good rule of thumb to follow.

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