The Importance Of Keywords For Online Sales

In the digital age, not having an online presence established for your business is what some might consider now as business suicide. It’s almost unthinkable as to why businesses would forego making a mark in the online stream due to the many great benefits that being online presents to them. Customers no longer are just restricted to hearing about and being influenced by the trimedia (TV, radio, and print) – they are now in the digital stream and this is where your business can, most likely, get the biggest exposure in your market.

However, it also isn’t enough that you’ve set up a claim on a small piece of the Internet – whether it be through a website, an eCommerce platform, social media, digital advertising, or a combination of these options. While they may be the most crucial first step for businesses when it comes to setting up their online presence, bigger factors play into the success of your business’ online visibility, especially when you’re dabbling into eCommerce.

One of these aforementioned factors is keywords – words or phrases that define what the content in a page of a website is all about, usually in a phrase format of at least two words. They are what your target market would enter in search engines like Google and Yahoo! when they are looking for information about the product or service that is similar to what you are offering them.

Web pages that are keyword-optimized can result in better search results for your website or online store, mainly because you are letting those pages be a top contender for the keywords they are associated with. This can give you a bigger visibility and reach among your market that is searching for results for the keywords you chose, which can be reflected in increased traffics, leads, and sales.

Here are the key benefits of using the right keywords to boost your online sales, as presented in this infographic by Healthy Business Builder.

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keywords for online sales



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