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This week, we pay a special tribute to the late SEO pioneer Eric Ward. His link strategies formed the foundation of many of today’s smartest approaches to links.

In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday below, he covers several that are as relevant today as they were when Eric first started talking about them.

Link Strategies that Stand the Test of Time: A Tribute to Eric Ward (Link Moses)

20 Awesome Tools for Social Media Success


Managing multiple social media networks can be tough, and it means that you have to juggle several activities at once. The fact that each network has its own posting rules and the unique audience doesn’t help either.

As a social media manager, you can easily lose your mind when managing several social media accounts at once. Sometimes you may wish that you had several clones of yourself in order to manage each account seamlessly. But hey, there is only one of you, surrounded by many tools, and each serves its own purpose.

With that in mind, here are some tools that cover different aspects of social media manager’s work.

Large Toolkits

By “large” I mean those that offer social analytics, content, and SEO functionality, in addition to the standard posting feature. These are a great fit for both large companies and agencies who want to skip buying 10 different tools and are looking for a team management facility.

1. Sprout Social
2. Hootsuite
3. SEMrush Social Media Toolkit
and more…

Find all the other social media tools here.

5 Ways to Monetize YouTube Video Content


Do you want to make money from your YouTube content? Have you thought about working with a sponsor? A video sponsorship is an excellent way for YouTube channels to generate supplemental revenue outside of AdSense.

#1: Reveal Products via Haul Inclusion
#2: Show Off Products via Routine Inclusion
and more..

In this article, you’ll discover five ways YouTube creators can earn money with video sponsorships.

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