The Cost Of Stress On Your Business, and How To Deal With Them

It has been well documented that stress is bad for your health. Did you know that stress can also provide harm to your business as well as your health? When you get stressed out, hormones are sent through your body that affects your brain function, most importantly your memory. One of these hormones released is cortisol which when released in excess prevents the brain from generating memories and accessing old memories. This can have a profound effect on your performance in the workplace.

Job stress causes U.S. companies nearly $300 billion from employee turnover, absenteeism, and loss of productivity. EnMast has outlined the cost of stress on your business and several of the factors that contribute towards this. Some of the more interesting points are as follows:

  • Work causes stress for over 83% of American’s. An estimated 40% of workers say they are unproductive because of stress.
  • Every year stress causes an estimated $300 billion for U.S. businesses.
  • Stress often harms relationships, creativity and focus in the workplace.
  • Stress has shown to reduce focus and memory by 25%.
  • Common workplace stressors include, low pay, to heavy of workload, long hours, lack of participating in decision making and job insecurity among other factors.

For more information on workplace stress and some suggestions on how to solve them, checkout the infograhpic below.

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  • While doing my studies on Organizational Behavior I too came across a lot of stress factors and their negative impact on the performances of Individuals.Excellent write up by you covering almost all the essential points.

  • Stress and depression reduces our workability. I have experienced it on my own. Last year, when I started my business, I was not very much familiar of the ups and downs of the business world. In just first few months of the start up, I was through a major loss in the business that led to stress and depression. After that, my business got completely ruined and I had to shut it down.

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