Moving Marketing Away From the Internet

In business, it’s incredibly important to not stick to one route, especially if that one route is preventing you from actually achieving anything at all. For marketing, the internet has done so much – but there does exist a world outside of the internet.

The internet has brought so much to our lives and is a seemingly never ending toolbox. What it has done for marketing is great – it has made reports and data creation and access easier than ever. It has given us more ways than ever before of reaching our audiences.

The internet can help you blog and market your way to business success, but there is a world outside the internet – believe it or not, and there could be a big web of customers right outside the front door of your business. The community outside your business allows you a chance to physically connect with the local community and enjoy the opportunities that spring from physical marketing.

marketing away


However, it doesn’t mean you can forget about the value of the internet and the marketing opportunities it provides. This is all about adding another aspect to the marketing capabilities of your business. You should always be looking to diversify in business anyway to ensure your always have a wide range of choices in any aspect of business life. Don’t try to overly rely on one thing, ever.

How can you market in the real world, though? Find a networking event to build relationships and your brand. If you’re based in a big city, it could be likely that are multiple events happening nearby for you to attend and within easy traveling distance.  You never know what might occur at a networking event – you could find a collaborator, an affiliate or even some freelancers who might be looking to find new opportunities or work. A networking event can do a lot for you.

Another way you can make waves in reality is to conference and exhibit. Even if your business is totally based on the internet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your name out there. Dwarven Forge is a business based on the internet that found huge success with marketing via events. This can be you too! Just make a big impact at exhibitions with marketing materials like banners and stands that can showcase your product and of course, your winning personality and smile.

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There are many more ways to promote your business in the real world – for example, business cards. Business cards are handy for chance encounters and a great way to network outside of networking events. It’s handy to keep a few on you as you never know when you might need it. Business cards can show off your product from your wallet, so if you’ve got a business you need a bunch of them.

Of course, you shouldn’t abandon the internet – you simply need to look for more ways to market yourself that don’t involve typing 140 characters on Twitter over and over. Nothing wrong with that, though!






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