How to Keep Up Your Blog Updated When You Are Sick?

It’s not easy for bloggers to take off when they are sick as they have the responsibility of maintaining their blog always. A blogger cannot afford to keep his blog inactive for few days as it affects the site and you might lose loyal readers if they don’t see any activity. Well, but there are few days when you feel just under the cloud and sick and you might not just seem to get things together. What should you do during such times?

During your sick days, you need to think of some alternative to keep your blog updated with regular posts. Discussed below are some efficient ways in which you can keep your blog visitors engaged.

Use Your Extra Articles

This is the time when you can use those extra articles that you would have written for future use. Schedule it for the next one or two weeks. A blogger should always be prepared for such days when he would find it difficult to update/maintain his blog due to various reasons. You are lucky if you have such articles, but in case you don’t, you have other ways to maintain it. This is why professional bloggers always have some articles in the pipeline as they can come handy during such times.

Guest Posting


If you are into blogging from a long time, you should have some blogger friends in your network. Talk to them and ask them to do guest posting in your blog. It’s a good thing for both of you since he can get link to his blog from your article, and your blog is maintained.

If you do not have blogger friends, you can look out for guest writers who have similar writing style and have experience in writing good quality blog posts. There are many websites where you can find guest bloggers.

Before you finalize on a guest blogger, check his existing blogs to be sure of his quality. You can add an introduction about that blogger at the end of your post giving him due credit. If your blog runs well with his posts, you can establish a long-term relationship with him. You can blog on each other’s sites giving your viewers some fresh content.

Put a Blog Post with Lot of Pictures and Images

Here’s another way to create a blog post without actually writing much –use multimedia like infographics or pictures. You can make a short informative post with good images and pictures and a one or two liners below each image. It will not only solve your problem, but also give viewers a break from long boring posts. Viewers like to see informative content with minimum words and maximum information. Since this is not going to consume much of your time, it’s a good way to fill in the gaps. Moreover, once in a while, a picture is a great way to express your thoughts than text.

Make a Video

This is a great way to make up for a blog post without the need to write anything. You can post a video or some other informative stuff you have come across recently. Give due credit to the source and this way your viewers will see something new in your blog. Finding such videos is not only easy, but they also give your visitors a new perspective of your site. It can be informative or fun, but it’s a good way for getting some content for your blog without the need to write a lot. Or you can also make a video clip using narration and screenshots as a how-to guide.

Small and Informative Post

If you cannot write 1000 words post, you can write shorter posts like 5 tips or Do’s and Don’ts kind of posts. In these articles, you can put points with two lines each. These crisp and clear articles work well with viewers also since they can read each topic easily. They don’t have to read line by line each word to understand the article. Short posts are generally better and also work well among readers who don’t like to read lengthier posts. Just a summary of your thoughts on the topic is sufficient to give good content without having to strive a lot.

Put Snippets of Other Blogs

You can put snippet or screenshot of other bloggers articles and give a link to the original article. You can also just make a summary of the article and publish it on your blog linking to the original. It’s fine as fast as you don’t replicate the original post. The original blogger will be happy that his work is being appreciated and he will have more viewers. You’ll also get some value addition to your blog when you’re sick. You can send a mail to the blogger for permission.

Tell the Viewers How You Are Feeling

This is the last resort when you don’t think any of the above options are working. You can tell your viewers that you are unwell and you will be back soon with a new post once you are better. Some viewers will like to hear an honest post from a blogger and come back to your blog after a few days. This is a good way to connect with your loyal fans.

These are few effective ways in which you can manage your blog even when you’re not feeling well.


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