5 WordPress Plugins in One – JoomUnited Plugin Bundle [giveaway]

JoomUnited, a well known provider of extensions and plugins, supporting Joomla and WordPress websites, have teamed up with iblogzone to offer you a chance to win 1 of 3 WordPress Developer Bundles. The bundle includes 5 Premium WordPress plugins (see below), support and updates for one whole year (a $110 value each).

Before I tell you exactly how you can win one of these WordPress Plugin bundles, let’s take a quick look at what the plugins are all about:

WordPress Plugins by JoomUnited

WP Media folder: add folders in the media manager

WP Media Folder adds the possibility to manage media with folder and subfolders directly in WordPress. With WP Media Folder life is easier as you can manage files, images from the native WordPress media manager. You can drag and drop images and files easily. Stop searching for an image through thousands of media, just navigate like you do on your desktop file manager. This is a pretty cool plugin. See how it works:

More info: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-media-folder

WP Meta SEO: control over content and images SEO

WP Meta SEO Plugin

WP Meta SEO gives you the control over all your meta data in your WordPress website. In just one view you will be able to add and edit meta, alt tags and fix bad size images. It was so annoying before and almost nobody was able to edit all meta in all articles and images.

WP Meta SEO is going to list all articles, all images and everything is in AJAX so it is saved in a matter of seconds. It’s not even necessary to open the article.

Image optimization: you can now optimize the size of your images in articles. A bunch of people reduce the size of the pictures handling the border and resizing in html/css. Easy but not optimized! Now WP Meta SEO is going to do it for you and what you have to do, is say yes. Isn’t cool :-).

More info: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-meta-seo

WP Latest Posts: get latest post in a click

WP Latest post is the most advanced WordPress extension that takes your latest content (post, page or tagged content) and convert it into a masonry responsive wall, a latest news time line or a news slider. Content is automatically formatted and can be added from any editor or in widget position.

So you won’t lose time creating a nice designed blog page, or news widget. You can call several news blocks in a page as it is inserted in the editors function.

Each news block is divided in 3 main configuration tabs: the content source selection, the display option and themes, the image source with automatic thumbnail generation.

Included theme: Masonry grid, Masonry layout with post format, time line, slider, blank theme

More info: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-latest-posts
Demo: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-demo/wp-latest-posts/smooth-hover-theme

WP File download: WordPress file manager

Get the easiest file manager for WordPress. Manage all your files and categories of files from your editor. All editor are supported, inside page, post, widget, custom post type… Create a file category, drag’n drop your files then insert a file category or a single file directly in your content. Dropfiles brings you a lot of professional features to manage files: 1 click ordering, 4 responsive themes, AJAX public side navigation.

WP File download works the same way as the WordPress media manager so you won’t be lost!

More info: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-file-download
Demo: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-demo/wp-file-download

WP Team display: flow chart in WordPress

WP Team display is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create flow charts easily. You can create and manage flow charts from any WordPress editor. Just open a lightbox using an editor button and start drawing your flow chart.

Upload member pictures, organize the team and insert the flow chart in your content. You can also add a working post, name and description for each member. Member’s photo can be cropped and updated with drag’n drop.

More info: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-team-display
Demo: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-demo/wp-team-display/default-theme

The Giveaway

Now that you know more about the JoomUnited plugins, just follow the simple set of rules below and you are good to go. Good Luck!

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  • We are doing a complete redesign in Q2, and I’m strongly considering switching over to WordPress. We are currently on Modx and have had some stability issues.

  • WP Latest Posts. I Really liked it.
    Will use for sure on my sites.

  • WP Meta SEO: control over content and images SEO is a great plugin. Previously I used two plugin, one for normal seo by Yoest and another for images. Now I think this plugin will save my time by doing both at the same time. Thank you for this post and I am now participating on the giveaway and I wish I win one of the plugins.

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