Make Money Online With No Ads?

make_money_with_chitikaWell, not exactly and let me explain. All of you know that one form of making money online is by displaying ads on your website. On the other hand, it is also true that ads have been proven to be one of the most annoying things on a website, especially if your ads are all over the place, creating hurdles for your visitors to find where your content is located at. There are even some that hesitate displaying ads on their websites, thinking that it might drive loyal readers away.

Here is an interesting question. How can you have the best of both worlds? Meaning, is it possible to display ads only for certain type of visitors? The answer is YES and I suggest you to read on.

Revenue – Made For search engines

I think it is pretty much understood that we all have different types of visitors (or sources if you prefer).

The non-search engine visitors: Our friends, online buddies, loyal readers, visitors from Twitter and Social sites, friend’s blog rolls, etc. These, are those who visit your website on a regular basis. They visit your website because you have been referred to by somebody. These are the people who enjoy reading what you have to say. These are the people that are less likely to be qualified buyers or potential revenue sources 🙂

The search engine visitors: These are those that will most likely be looking for something to buy or something very specific. In some cases, search engine users may land on your page and decide that there is nothing there for them. They quickly hit that back button, making your “bounce rate” stats look ugly. At this point, you may just have lost one potential source for conversion.

The Now You See Me Now You Don’t Ad

If you are a regular reader of my blog or have arrived here from a referral site, such as Twitter, Stumble Upon or through one of my friend’s blog, you will most likely see my homepage this way:


On other hand, if you have arrived from a search engine, first, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂 Let’s move on. As I was saying, if you did land here through organic traffic (search engine), then you will most likely see my homepage, like this:


Introducing Chitika Premium Ad Revenue Program

Unlike other contextual advertising programs, which will display ads no matter what, Chitika is an online advertising network that capitalizes on your websites organic traffic. This means that ads will only show to visitors that arrive from search engines. If someone lands on your page that is not coming from a search engine, then Chitika will simply not display any ads at all. That’s cool!

Some advantages:
– Not annoying for your regular visitors. You obviously will still have your other ads (or not), such as banners and stuff, but they will all be discretely placed in a place where it can be seen but at the same time, not act as a “shield” for your content.
– Search targeted. Ads appearing on your website will display results based on the users query.
– Works with Google’s AdSense and low minimum payout ($10 on Paypal)
– No more ads for your regular visitors. A search engine user who eventually decides to be your loyal reader will no longer use a search engine. Rather, they will visit your site directly. In this case no ads? How cool is that?

The disadvantage:
Chitika capitalizes on your SEO traffic, so the more organic traffic you have, the better. Should you decide to display Chitika Ads on your website, don’t forget to take action on those many SEO techniques you have learned, to increase your revenue potential. Another drawback (it depends) is that at this moment, it will only work for visitors arriving from the US and Canada. Then again, you still have AdSense, right?

There you go. Now there is no excuse for having ads splattered all over the place. Sign up for your free Chitika account and good luck.

Oh and before I forget, no disclosure here (except for that link, which is a shameless referral link) as I have not been paid to write this post (I wish, lol). I don’t want this Mr. FTC guy sniffing around and saying that I am not complying with the FTC guidelines 🙂


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