Why Should You Leverage Your Site For Mobile Traffic?

If your site is not optimized for mobile traffic then you may be throwing away a boatload of money. If you can afford to have a SEO strategy, social media strategy, content marketing strategy then you cannot afford not to have a mobile traffic strategy.

Here are some stats to prove my point (*)

  • 77% of smartphone users search the internet
  • 97% of those who search the internet look for local information
  • 68% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help with shopping. They use it for comparing prices, finding out more about retailers etc.
  • 42% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase.
  • 71% search on their phones because of an ad exposure, whether from traditional media (68%) to online ads (18%) to mobile ads (27%)
  • 82% notice mobile ads, especially mobile display ads and a third notice mobile search ads
  • Half of those who see a mobile ad take action, with 35% visiting a website and 42% making a purchase
  • 84% of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs
  • 70% have contacted a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business

How much traffic goes mobile?

A while ago Google released world’s most popular mobile OS (Android). They made it intuitive, easy to use and rich with features. Now we know the reason. Paid search revenue on mobile has witnessed a tremendous growth and now accounts for 19% of its US ad revenue. If the trend continues Google’s mobile search revenue will account for 30% of its US ad revenues and desktop revenues will fall by 43%.

Brightedge mobileshare report states that US smartphone adoption grew by 30% in 2012 and is still going strong. By the end of 2012, 50% of all internet traffic was mobile traffic.

If your site is well optimized for mobile web browsers and has options like FaceBook login then people will be prompted to make purchases with their handsets.

People are using mobile for more and more local searches and when people are searching local, it means that the need is immediate.

Google has also announced that sites that provide a bad mobile web experience may not be ranked that well.

If you own a local business or any business for that matter optimizing your site for a rich mobile user experience will be a fantastic idea. Most don’t do it because they have no idea of how much traffic and sales they are losing by not doing anything about it.

(*) Here’s an infographic, courtesy of MarketingExchange.com about mobile search.

Mobile Trends Infographic

How can you leverage mobile traffic for your success?

There are a few simple things that can be done to leverage mobile traffic.

1. Build an app for your local business to accept payments digitally. This way people near to you can pay you without being bothered about not having cash at hand.

Or use something that already does that. The Levelup app has helped over 5000 businesses to achieve this cashless form of payment.

2. Responsive design: It doesn’t matter whether your site is on WordPress, Joomla or even the Blogger platform. What matters is whether you use a responsive design that caters to everyone. Responsive themes are available that automatically adapt to any screen dimensions be it mobile or desktop.

The choice is neither difficult to make nor very expensive, the call is yours.

3. Reduce 404 errors when mobile users land on a page, redirects and heavy scripts that make load time a pain. While Google says that mobile page load speed is not a more important factor while ranking sites on mobile search, would you wait 5 minutes for a site to load up on your mobile.

I won’t and I could be your customer.

George Mathew

George Mathew writes for Monitor Backlinks, a tool that analyses your backlink profile and informs you whenever a new link is built to your site or lost.

9 thoughts on “Why Should You Leverage Your Site For Mobile Traffic?

  • It’s all in the numbers. More people using mobile means less people using the big screen. You need to be in front of both groups, especially if your site caters to something people would look for while sitting in dentists’ waiting rooms, on the bus or while their daughters’ dance lessons are going on.

    • I love your comment, exactly the thing that I wanted to express through my writing

  • Thanks George for this superb write up and infographic…

    I keep trying to make my clients understand the great importance of having a mobile optimized site. This post just nailed it.

    I’m going to share this infographic with my Blog readers too… It’s just amazing how people spend money on every other aspect of their online presence and refuse to give any attention to mobile users.

    Thanks George

    • True with all the buzz going about mobile and the traffic it sends it would be just plain stupidity to not optimize your site for mobile traffic. I am glad that you liked the post and hope that clients understand this.

  • A responsive adapting template or theme is a good route to go. I have another site that lacks in the mobile theme department. I have been putting off updating it to a more mobile friendly design because it will be a lot of work. If I were just getting started today though I would definitely take mobile responsive theme design into consideration.

  • Hey George,

    At this time, it would be very unwise for businesses to ignore the potential of smartphones. For bloggers like me, it means to make our blogs responsive and fast loading. Podcasting bloggers can create apps to showcase their podcasts (of course, general bloggers can also make apps for their audience).

    I think the important thing to keep in mind is to reduce unnecessary components from the mobile version of our blog for site speed and for avoiding distractions for our visitors (we want to to be focused, don’t we? On smaller screens, it can be harder. So, let’s keep their focus on the content, not on the flashy widget in the sidebar).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the statistics, I do appreciate it 🙂

    • Yes site speed counts the most, I would shave away anything and everything that causes the load time to linger on.

  • Those were some amazing numbers highlighting the importance of mobiles in today’s world. People today like to do business on the go, so it becomes important to optimize your site for mobile traffic.
    Thanks for the great info.

  • I agree with your post, I need more mobile traffic for because my website is not optimized for mobile traffic.

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