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Hi everyone! Hope you had a great and productive week. Earlier this week, Matt Cutts released another video answering to an interesting question about the use of “nofollow” links. Essentially the question boils down to whether it “may hurt” or not a websites ranking. For a while now, there has been some chatter around the use of “nofollow” links and how Google treats it. I guess this video, among other things validates the fact that “nofollow” does not form part of Google’s link graph. However, for every rule there is an exception and Matt does mention the remote possibility of how a link even with “nofollow” may hurt your site.

So, does this mean that when trying to “clean up” your link profile (in case you are doing a recovery), it is OK to ask the webmaster to just “nofollow” your link instead of removing it? What do you think?

Can Nofollow Links Hurt My Site’s Rankings?

And a bit more on this “disavow” thing. Matt suggested that you should only make use of the “disavow” tool if you got a manual action message on GWT. John Mueller, on this awesome hangout, talks about it differently. He says that if your are sure that you don’t want to be associated with a website, then you should disavow (this is inline with a response I received from Duane of Bing). Fast forward to 51 minutes to hear his reply, although I encourage you to watch the whole video as there are some “nuggets” in it.

An ohh, you do know that you are now able to embed Google+ posts directly on your site, right? This feature along with the “author attribution” has been recently rolled out by Google. What do you think of this new feature?

Yahoo Answers Gets a Revamp

If you are familiar with Yahoo answers, reported recently that a major revamp of that Q&A site is underway. One of the new features of Yahoo answers will allow you to post images and videos. Yahoo answers has great SEO value when done properly, and it is actually a good source for content and a lot more. Just use you creativity. Here’s the official communication.

new yahoo answers

Finally, Google has also rolled out new ways to explore stuff on Google trends. In addition to the top charts, you can now see what’s trending and the new “past 30 days hot searches”. Making use of Google trends is very useful for “niche” bloggers, among other things.

Google Trends Hot Searches

As usual, in no particular order:

SEO & Internet Marketing

Social/Blogging/Small Business Bites

More cool stuff!

And in case you have missed the latest updates on Google’s Webmaster Tools, here’s a video from with Matt Cutts.

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Nofollow Links, Webmaster Hangout, Yahoo Answers, Google Trends, Speedlink 37:2013

  • Haven’t visited YA for quiet some time now, checking now and see how it looks on my pc.. Interesting and very informative week again. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I honestly had not heard about directly embedding Google+ posts. I’m not quite sure how to use this yet. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how people are using this feature strategically.

  • I’m glad Matt Cutts cleared that question up Francisco, I went no-follow on CommentLuv from all of the off-niche links being left so no worries there.

    I actually get traffic from Yahoo Answers and I’m not even sure why. I have an account but never use it. I think I’ll check it out.

  • Hi Francisco,

    Another great round up here!

    I had not used Yahoo Answers up until now but might have to dig a little deeper; I know it rocks on the SEO side of things. Also an authority building tool.

    Share your stuff, persistently, and good things – and traffic – will flow back to you. Karma type stuff and I think YA can help me generate more traffic using this most basic of principles.

    Thanks for sharing buddy!


  • I am not sure about the nofollow link. But it is heard that they are useless after the recent panda update. Hence making some good dofollow links can boost your ranking to the next level.

  • Nofollow never hurts but yahoo is supporting nofollow so keep commenting it will help you. Thanks

  • Backlinks are very important. But we should concentrate more on Doffollow. But I am confused a little bit, is there any way to get backlink from WIKIPEDIA? Reply ASAP Please

  • I think backlinks are very important for all bloggers. And i never focus on nofollow, i mean sometime i do, but i usually concentrate on Dofollow. I read that you mention about Backlink from WIKIPEDIA. i never heard about that before?i really appreciate if you can explain a little bit.
    Thanks for your sharing.


  • Thanks for posting the Matt Cutts video. The ‘disavow’ tool has long been a source for great discussion but I have to say I’m with John Mueller on this one. If your concerned that being associated with a certian site will effect your SEO or even your reputation then it’s best to ‘disavow’ it.

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