Tips for Attracting Companies to Your Review Blog

If you review products or services on your blog, the ultimate goal is to have companies and vendors send you free stuff in exchange for an honest review. But you may have already realized that it’s not that easy—simply creating a review blog doesn’t guarantee a steady stream of packages showing up at your door.

The good news is that you can attract companies, even big ones, to your blog and have them send you free products for review. It will take hard work and dedication to bring your blog up to the next level—but once you’ve built up your reputation and a healthy flow of traffic, you may find yourself with more free product offers than you can possibly review. Then you’ll be in the enviable position of turning down free stuff in favor of better free stuff.

Here are four steps that will help you generate more interest and receive more cool products or services to review on your blog.

Step 1: Specialize

It may seem like a good idea to say that you’ll “review anything,” but a catch-all review blog isn’t usually attractive to readers or companies—unless it’s a blog run by multiple contributors with different specialties. It’s also not attractive to search engines, because you won’t have enough of a concentrated topic to rank high for your keywords.

The first step in attracting free products from companies is to choose a category and stick with it. Credibility can help here. People want to know who’s writing the review and if you’re someone they can trust.  If, for example, you’re an IT professional and you want to review tablet hardware or software, you’ll be more believable to consumers (and therefore more attractive to companies).

You can still succeed without that kind of credibility, as long as you’re passionate about what you’re reviewing. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist or Tour de France athlete to review bicycles, but you do need to love cycling and have the ability to articulate the positives and negatives of bikes and gear.

Step 2: Work With What You’ve Got

Whether you’re just starting out with your review blog, or you’ve been at it for awhile without success in attracting companies, you need to post as much content as possible to your blog on a regular and consistent basis. The more you post, the more likely the search engines will favor you. Companies prefer sending free stuff to review blogs with high search engine rankings and traffic numbers, as the idea is to increase their online visibility.

If you’ve already reviewed all the products or services in your category that you’ve tried on your own, start asking friends and family members about borrowing any they might own or have access to, for the purpose of reviewing them. Build your review backlist, and you’ll get more attention for your blog.

Step 3: Ask For Stuff (The Right Way)

Very few companies seek out new review blogs to offer free product, so at first, you’ll have to ask. When you contact companies to offer your review services, make it personal. That doesn’t mean you have to find out the name of the company president’s wife, children, and pets, and start sending Christmas cards—but it does mean that you need to do your homework.

Research each company you plan to pitch, and prove that you actually have an interest in their products or services by including details in your initial contact. Tell them about your experiences, and what makes you qualified to write a review—whether it’s your professional credentials, or your passion for retro hair accessories (or whatever your blog is about).

Don’t limit your pitch efforts to email, either. Emails are easy to forget about or delete. Consider sending a fax or mailing a personal letter, either as an initial contact or a follow-up to your email pitch.

Step 4: Go Above and Beyond

When you do start getting offers for products or services to review, make sure to deliver on your promises—and then some. Never write a short “this is great!” review—they are worthless to companies. Make your feedback thorough and detailed, and include product photos or screenshots to enhance the presentation.

If you’ve agreed to a time frame when you’ll post the review, make sure it’s up on or before the deadline. Don’t forget to include links to the company’s website (with caution of course). If the product is for sale on third-party retailer sites like Amazon, ask if they’d like you to cross-post your review to the other sites.

If you consistently over-deliver, more companies will discover the value in your review blog (and hopefully send you more free stuff!).

On a side note, don’t forget to properly disclose your review, just to make sure that you are in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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Megan Totka

Megan Totka is a freelance writer, business expert and consultant. She was the marketing & editorial director at for over a decade. As a business expert, she specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources, as well as providing business advice. She has significant experience with the topic of business marketing, and has spent several years exploring topics like copywriting, content marketing, list building, social media and any hot topics to help businesses run their business successfully.

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  • Hello Megan,
    Doing product review is in my to do list for my blog but i have not started it yet because i am still getting resources so it won’t hard me when i start.

    I actually love your tips on how to attract companies to give you product for review. I’ll bookmark this page and comeback here when i start with my review next month. Thanks

    • Glad you enjoyed this post. I look forward to continuing to share tips like these in future posts.

  • Thats a really nice post. Review blogs are really a good way to earn some extra money online…

    • Thanks, Santanu! Glad you liked the article. Best of luck to you.

  • of course,
    it is not always the case that the companies are going to review your blog. You have to initiate it by yourself and have to be straight forward and polite in order to consider you have a review from their side.

    • Good point, thanks for reading! Best of luck to you.

  • Excellent advice! I’ve been a product review writer for years and I couldn’t have said this better. It is very true about over-producing on your review work. Even if you write outstanding product reviews, adding a video review or promoting your blog post will help you stand out from other bloggers.

    • Thanks, Connie! Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, finding creative ways to stand out is key!

  • Hi Megan…Very interesting thought you have put forward…It will be better to stick with a particular interest or niche while developing review sites…Yes there will not always be a surplus of products to review..So it is always good to contact companies in advance and fill the calendar with reviews of interesting products which your audience might be keen to know about.

    • Thanks, Joe! Yep, networking with other sites is critical to the success of any product review site.

  • Hi have an idea for starters who doesn’t get products to review at their home, to go to big stores where you can use the phones in actual and use their basic features as they will not allow you to put your sim card in that before buying, but it seriosuly gives a fair idea about product and can help you writting good blog. its just a n idea, if it work for you guys 🙂 . Happy Blogging

  • Thanks for the tip, Sahil, and thanks for reading! Best of luck to you.

  • Very good information I was not aware of. Perhaps, some blogs should have a “tip” jar for donations – I have gotten tons of good advice. But, I will take note and give it a try, hopefully these companies are not too selective, as my blog is fairly new.

    • Thanks for the input, Charlie! And best of luck in building exposure for your new blog. 🙂

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