WordPress Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership Giveaway [Over]

One thing I like about WordPress themes is that they come with so many variations and features, one can literally find something that would be of their liking. While there are many free WordPress themes out there, hands down, the premium ones are the most interesting ones. Reason being is that, most free ones don’t really have good technical support and in some cases may be even risky.

Speaking about Premium WordPress themes, Elegant Themes is one of those that has a vast collection of themes to offer and a technical support (forum) which is probably one of the best I know of. I have been using their themes myself and for some clients and so far, I have not had a single issue that those guys did not help me with. In addition, they currently have 82 themes (17 responsive) and several plugins. Most likely will not stop there. After all, they do have over 170K customers to keep happy 🙂

Anyway, now that I have your attention, it is my pleasure to inform you that Elegant Themes has generously offered 3 Lifetime Membership accounts to giveaway to readers of iblogzone.com (a $249 value each!).

Elegant Themes Giveaway

A lifetime membership includes:

  • Complete Access To All Themes
  • Perpetual Theme Updates
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Complete Access To All Plugins
  • Layered Photoshop Files
  • No Yearly Fees

Here’s a screenshot of some business themes (I’m using The Corporation).

Elegant Themes

Really nice are they not? You can see all of their themes here – http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/

So, how do you win? Just a simple set of requirements will get you qualified to win one of the three Lifetime membership accounts being offered. All 3 winners will be selected randomly at the end of the giveaway. Good Luck!


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43 thoughts on “WordPress Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership Giveaway [Over]

  • Fantastic giveaway. I’d love to win this. Elegant Themes has some of the best wordpress themes I’ve ever seen.

  • Great giveaway. Good luck everyone. It would be totally awesome if I win this.

  • Great Giveaway! Fingers crossed I win because my blog really needs an update and I’d love to have lots of themes to choose from.

  • Awesome giveaway! ElegantThems does have quality premium themes. I have entered the giveaway and hope to be one of the winner 🙂

  • I love it because Elegant Themes is a very prominent name wordpress themes and plugin making industry . DiTesco , thanks for providing this opportunity .

  • Hi Francisco,

    Yes, Elegant are one of the best of the industry. I’d like to test several of those themes, but with this extended license you can try all, is like little boy in a candy store lol!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂



    • I hear you Gera 🙂 Well good luck to you. How are you doing btw?

  • There are lot of reasons why I want to win Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes have great collections of themes, there is about a new theme every month, they create amazing looking themes, theme administration is great and lots of more reason.

    I love to win Elegant Themes as they are awesome.

  • Very lucrative giveaway 🙂 I’ve been on the hunt for feature-rich WordPress themes for some time now and Google seems to always point towards Elegant Themes as one of the best options. I’m building a website for iPad wallpapers and this would be more than perfect. Not to mention that as student I could do freelance work to earn some extra pocket money!

  • Elegant Themes are best WordPress themes.These themes are easy to customize and well optimize for your blogs or site performance.

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait to use it for my next project!

  • I want to access all the themes in elegant website. I cannot afford to buy a premium account as I am in my beginnner stages of blogging.

  • I love Elegant Themes! I like really clean, straightforward designs – they look very appealing. From what I have read, they are highly functional, as well. That’s a ‘win/win’ in my book! I hope I win the contest! Thanks.

  • Hi Francisco,

    I’m actually shopping around for the best real estate wordpress theme to use and I believe the best way to find out would be to actually get my hands on them and try them out, like elegant theme’s real estate theme (is that elegant estate?).

    Thanks for the contest!

  • What a great contest, an elegant theme would definitly improve my blog.

  • Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I love these themes and really want to redo my site. Plus I have a LOT of side projects I’d love to use these for. I hope I win!!!!!

  • Exceptional offer- themes look unique and would love to have a few of them.

  • Elegent themes as the same suggest are unique and good looking themes I have been long term admire of this brand. I have used their one theme but I have been enamored by more other themes. I am seeing an opportunity to win them here all. Want to use them on more of my websites so winning this contest will be a great chance for me and for Elegant themes as I’ll spread the word about them among my friends and relatives.

  • ElegantThemes provide stunning themes with good support. It would be great to have a life time membership with them.

  • I came by this giveaway at a very good time. I have been meaning to take my WordPress blog to the next level now. And doing so with Elegant Themes would probably be the best thing to happen for my blog. The variety of themes and the very helpful support forums are most impressive. Amazing giveaway this!

  • Excited and happy to see this being offered. I simply LOVE Elegant Themes xxoo

  • I would like to start a blog and that is why I would like to win

  • My blog needs some serious design help and WP Coding is too time-consumming for me to learn; especially since it takes time away from my coding for money! This would be a fantastic and well-used prize for me.

  • I’m in. I really like the Corporation theme. I would like to win it.

  • as someone who spends most of his time developing themes for people, a lifetime membership with one of the most reputable theme publishers out there would be HEAVEN!

  • Why do I want to win? (First time anyone’s asked me THAT in a while…) Because I chose Elegant Themes’ Bold for all my sites, and by the time I’m ready to redesign them, my ET membership will have expired. And you know me, DiTesco – I want it ALL, unlimited and infinite EVERYTHING. 😉

    • LOL Holly.. Yep, I do know you and unless I am mistaken, you will settle for nothing less than “the whole shebang” 🙂 Glad I have someone here which is a strong advocate of ET. Well, good luck!

      • I was just telling a colleague this this morning – “Don’t tell me I ‘can’t’ have it all! This is why I love programmers – they never admit to ‘can’t.'”

        I think the words, “Now, be realistic…” are just a prelude to, “…kill that imagination of yours.” And I refuse!

  • Great giveaway my darling! I couldn’t help myself. Had to enter. Love their themes. Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that Modest theme. 😉

    Talk soon!

    • As they say, you can only win if you participate 🙂 Good luck and hope to see more from you over here, lol.. big hugs

  • Hi, Great Giveaway!! Elegant Themes are really awesome. I have entered the Giveaway by doing all the required steps mentioned above. Thanks a lot for the Giveaway….Hope to Win this!!

  • Very nice themes in ElegantTheme, a full membership will be great to make a few beautiful websites quickly.

  • A really useful giveaway… Elegant themes offer so beautiful and useful themes! I feel lucky 🙂

  • I’d love to win this. I could really use some new themes!

  • I want to win this awesome giveaway, bcoz i love Elegant Themes all WordPress themes. ET team done fantastic job for develop WordPress themes. All themes are very pixel perfection and light weight design. And moreover there is an very powerful shrotcodes, drag and drop layout builder plugin and fully responsive designs. And all this come in ET lifetime membership, so i must win this giveaway.

  • Glad to join the giveaway..
    i am a newbie wordpress user. Currently, i have a new website that not isntalling a theme yet.. you can check here aakoa.com. so i really need a theme for my website..

    I’ve checked their website.. i think, Elegant Theme has many powerfull theme and plugin.. so i’ve interested in the Elegant Theme.

    Otherwise, the giveaway is providng a lifetime membership.. so waht a great value that the lifetime membership has a $249 value..

    I hope to be a winner // Thank you DiTesco

  • This is fantastic. I love Elegant Themes and a lifetime membership is amazing. I can only imagine all the times I would redesign my site… 🙂

  • Great Giveaway,

    Really appreciate this … love elegant themes

    I could use some of these themes to revamp my sites


  • Thanks for this amazing oportunity. Elegant Themes are really “elegant” and they really support their products. Elegant Themes will have great visibility with this giveaway , and I think they deserve it.

  • I want show my customers some work with new,fresh themes..

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.
    If I will be a winner then I will use the wining theme for my new weblog which is going to be started very soon.
    Finger crossed.

    Vaibhav S

  • I really want this because I want to personalize my blog and because I know that my blog will look much cooler with these awesome themes 🙂

  • Elegant Themes are really amazing and all of their themes are fully stuctured with many functions that I need for my personal projects as well as others.

    It has a very unique creative figure about appearance as well as the coding standard. Moreover, the themes are always up to dates with WordPress current version.

    I really want to be the Elegant Themes membership too much!

  • I’m using Elegant Themes for two websites now and may convert two more – sure would be handy to win this!

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