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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week, Facebook has generated a lot of buzz with their announcement of the new (upcoming) “Facebook Home” product. As described by Zuckerberg, Home is a “family of apps” that essentially push Facebook content front and center on your Android phone. Once the phone “turns on,” the home screen is replaced with something called “Cover Feed.” Images and posts from friends will appear and users can flip through and interact with them, without having to open a specific Facebook app. What do you think about this new…? As it so seems, Microsoft is not very excited about it, actually going as far as saying that that’s their thing.

On a different front, Google reader as reported by SearchEngineLand.com appears to be working again. That’s interesting to see that it is, especially after the alternative Talkwalker has been gaining some traction lately. Anyway, I did notice this week that Google alerts has been sending sending me more “useful” info. How about you? Noticed any changes?

Finally, I stumbled upon Makey Makey on CNN.com. Not sure if you heard about it but I am a bit confused as to what exactly can one do with this gadget. Counting on you to come up with some ideas 🙂 Anyway, “MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century, that turns everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet.” Among other things, you can even turn some bananas into a keyboard. How about that? One things for sure, we haven’t seen them all, yet 🙂

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10 Most Used Passwords Of All Time

This list contains ten of the most used and hacked passwords in the world / planet earth. If you are using anyone of them, maybe its a good time to change it and make your site more secure. Do you know more commonly used secret words / phrases?

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Home, Google Alerts, MaKey MaKey, PassWords, Speedlink 14:2013

  • I see lists of the most popular or used passwords every now and then. I had a friend who used the number one in the video, which is: password. I was like you are kidding your password is password. He told me he kept forgetting so he decided to use it. That was years ago, and hopefully he still doesn’t use it. I know a few people that also use the: letmein one. I also know of a company that would install cms software for people and they would set everyone up with: changeme as the password. I am not sure if they still do that or not.

    I think you are just asking for trouble if you use something like these.

  • Glad to hear Google Reader is working again. I am still thinking what to use after it was announced that the Google reader will be gone for good.

  • I make money by messing around on facebook,youtube and twitter. Facebook has become the most engaged social network compared to others. But some times I wonder, whether Facebook is saving all our private data or chats, other stuff ???

  • I just heard the issue about the Facebook Home product. This product only demonstrates how Facebook remains dominant in social media. Google then only shows how it continuously makes new apps and tools for better use. And as such, there are now a lot of new tools and techniques for all internet users.

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