6 Practical Tips to Deal with Blogging Overwhelm

OK I admit it. I am overwhelmed. Not entirely, but it is 11:19 AM and I feel behind schedule. Interacting and engaging has been great but now is the time to churn out relevant, hyper-targeted blog posts, both for my blogs and guest posting. Guys, this one is tough, dealing with overwhelm, because your mind races ahead quickly. Slow down. Calm down. Take a deep breath.

Benefits of Reading this Blog Post

* Feel happy while working

* See better results in less time

* Shorten your learning curve by years

* Have a life outside of your online business

question targetingPerfect example: right now I might run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I decided to write a guest post though, because I know reaching Francisco’s massive, targeted audience helps me create value here, grow my home based opportunity and augment my social media marketing campaign. These are smart acts. Calm, confident acts, unaffected by an sense of overwhelm.

1 – Meditate to Calm Your Fears

Meditating helps you embrace fear-filled, worrisome energies. By embracing these feelings you can release the feelings. In the 1, 5 or 10 minutes after meditating you feel calm, at peace, at ease. Meditating is truth serum. Sit in a quiet spot. Calm your body. Watch your feelings. You observe all the panic, hurry, and worry, then let go these energies.

Making money online becomes simple if you embrace the overwhelmed feelings most bloggers fight on an hourly basis.

2 – Write Offline to Get More Done Online

Social media marketing junkies like myself struggle with this one but if you are smart you go offline when writing a blog post. Otherwise, your mind goes in a thousand different directions, panicking about the others things you need to do online. Right now I need to do one thing: write this post, and do a tremendous job writing the post. That is what I do, offline.

I break the rule sometimes and get punished each time. Write offline. Calm yourself.

3 – Write Number Themed Posts

Number themed posts are like magic to the hurried, worried mind. Look at me. I sat down. I wrote out 6 numbers. I set up an outline. I instantly felt better. Once you feel good you stop feeling overwhelmed about making money online. I know the challenge can feel tough, or impossible to overcome, but if you are willing to release, and forget your worries, by doing things by numbering posts, you feel better.

Numbers create order in your mind. Overwhelm is disorderly. Once you establish order the mental chaos goes away, into order.

4 – Take Frequent Breaks

blogging ideasTake 5 to 10 minute breaks each hour to block up your blogging duties. What you do means little if your day is a sprint from beginning to end. How you feel means everything and taking frequent breaks helps you address common blogging pitfalls, like address overwhelm or writer’s block.

You see the thoughts and feel the crappy feelings during these breaks, instead of trying to plow through the chaotic feelings, fighting, and making your job immensely more difficult on yourself. You win no awards for making money online like a fool, stressing, straining and forcing your way into a hospital bed. Take a chill pill. Take a break.

5 – Post on Previously Successful Topics

No need to reinvent the wheel. Write about successful topics, or topics generating a ton a of interest in the past and you can stop being so worried about your blogging, and generating leads and driving traffic to your website. Be at peace with the fact that simply repackaging old, successful posts makes you attractive to new, hungry readers.

Do what works. Keep doing it. Kill your worried, overwhelmed feelings.

6 – Ask Yourself this One Question

“What 1 task should I perform now to grow as a blogger?”

Sit around for a few minutes after asking the question. Play around with answers. Think through why you are doing what you do in the blogosphere. This might feel uncomfortable. Embrace the feelings. Accept that you might be wasting your time for hours daily. Proceed to do what you intuition tells you to do, in the form of a clear and direct answer.


Overwhelm is a bunch of little itty waves in your mind. Nothing but feelings. Address these feelings by using the 6 above practical tips and you will feel better about your blogging activities.

Your Turn

How do you deal with blogging overwhelm?

Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. How does he help you burn your credit cards? To find out Click Here

20 thoughts on “6 Practical Tips to Deal with Blogging Overwhelm

  • Francisco, thanks so much for this awesome opportunity. I appreciate you.

    Please hop on board and comment guys, I will respond as soon as possible.


  • In any case, reading is essentiel.The more we read the more we know.And knowing things give you the power to still alive.this is really great post.I enjoy reading it.It is about some Practical Tips to Deal with Blogging Overwhelm.thank yu for sharing this post and thank you for the golden tips.

    • My pleasure Nabil, and you nailed it buddy. Read, and learn because leaders are readers. Thanks, Ryan

  • Thank you Ryan, a truly encouraging post. #4 and 5 are my favorite. For ‘Blogger’s block’, taking a small break and then continuing really works well… it gives fresh ideas and more energy… also saves one from being mad! LOL.
    Welcome Ryan I loved your writing style.. keep writing for us, waiting for more from you. 🙂

    • Hi Jignesh, love that advice buddy. Taking frequent breaks helps you calm down, which helps you to attract prospering blogging ideas. Thanks dude. Ryan

  • Thanks for good advise! Absolutely agree, gather all resources online and then writing offline is better. I use try this and getting better result. Try to keep a break when we are stacking is good way for continue writing. Moreover, outline the content and ask ourselves above are way find the best out come. But sure answer with 5w and H1.

    • Hi Kimsea, you make strong points here. Go offline and your writing improves quickly. Thanks buddy, heading over to your blog now. Ryan

      • Thanks for responding, take a look to my blog post. Absolutely, before I am interested in writing online because more easy to find some resource but It is not give the effective writing and especially I face with lots of miss spelling. I try to gathering online for all I needed and go offline with somewhere I interested.

        • Keep practicing Kimsea. I like what you are doing over there. As you practice you will improve.

  • Great post! This really helps others.

    I practice point 2. Write Offline to Get More Done Online and take breaks , I use pomodoro technique. 25 mins work, 5 mins break.

    • Yep, I like the Pomodoro too Madras, although I get lazy at times 😉 Thanks for sharing. Ryan

  • Hey Ryan,
    Nice post and Yes, we have to write post during offline as during online there are more distraction and I really like the point of taking break. Meditation is also a good way to set our mind. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Meditation rocks Sudipto, I love it. Thanks for sharing. Ryan

  • Hi Ryan, thanks for your nice article. I agree with you in one very clear thing. You must step away from your heavy daily work from time to time to analyze what your are doing. That way you will relax a bit and will be able to think about the convenience of doing what you are doing like a robot.

    • Good tip here because pulling back helps you think clearly. Thanks, RB

  • Hi Ryan, the first thing that came to my mind reading your post was ‘WOW’. This is one thing I have been bogged down with. Being a blogger it is always me advising others, where I myself was down with a problem of my own. However thanks a lot for sharing the post.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Great advice. Sometimes I worry too much. But when I just relax, words and ideas flows like honey. Who says that blogging is easy? You have to put a lot of thoughts on what you write and make sure it is unique. And who says affiliate marketing is easy? It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


    • Great insight Angela, so much of success is adopting the right mindset. Thanks!

  • I get overwhelmed with blogging regularly. The only tip from your list I’ve never tried is to meditate! I’ll try it next time 🙂 as for the other tips, they really do work wonders!

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