Yandex WT, Google PageRank, Future Proof Link Buidling, Speedlink 6:2013

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. One of the news that caught my attention this week was the one reported by regarding Yandex surpassing Bing on global search queries. Undoubtedly, this is very interesting and one might think what’s going on? Either users are using more Yandex, or Bing is just loosing ground. Though to say. Anyway, if you are interested, you should know that Yandex also has a webmaster tools of their own. Quite cool actually and you can make use of them to source for more link data, among other things. Check it out if your interested. Yandex is slowly creeping up and you never what can happen.

On a different front, SEOmoz focused on an issue that many are particularly interested in, link building. Last year, it has been brutal for many traditional forms of link building. Techniques that once worked are now not good enough and the obvious question is, what works and what technique will be penalized next? Will it be the use of Infographic, Guest blogging, etc.? In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, the topic discussed is how to future-proof your links from penalties while delivering higher rewards – no matter what tactic you use.

High-Value Tactics, Future-Proof Link Building – Whiteboard Friday

Finally, an interesting question popped up on Google’s Webmaster Help channel on YouTube. Matt Cutts responds to a question from a user asking why Google simply does not get rid of the Google PageRank toolbar. Don’t know about you, but I think that the question was not really answered. Also, he mentioned that on “Internet Explorer 10”, it appears that the toolbar is not allowed. Did you know that?

Why don’t you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?

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8 thoughts on “Yandex WT, Google PageRank, Future Proof Link Buidling, Speedlink 6:2013

  • Yandex from Russia right. Maybe because it from Russia and have many internet user base on population there instead bing and yahoo is the same roof. So the user maybe just use yahoo instead of bing. Just my opinion

    • Note taken Juan. I still use Google 🙂 but occasionally I look into other engines as well just to see what’s going on, specially how they “rank” some of my pages, lol.. Anyway, Yandex is Russian and the whole ex-USSR probably uses it and hence why it gets a lot of attention. The do have an English version and it is not bad.

  • I haven’t been to Yandex in a very long time. So after reading this I thought I would check it out. I tried a couple of searches and tried the video link. Funny thing is it thought I was a bot and asked me to enter a captcha code. I have never been asked to do that by a search engine ever. They might want to work on that one because captcha’s are super annoying, and I don’t think too many people would use a search engine that asked for it frequently.

    As for Google Pagerank I would expect to see them using it for quite a while yet. Things change though so who knows for sure years down the road.

    • Hi Ray. That’s weird that Yandex is asking for a Captcha. That’s quite annoying indeed. But is it asking you for it every time? Should only ask once at the least. Anyway, the webmaster tools they have is quite interesting too.

      As for PR, I think that Matt was trying to say something, and my guess is because they still use it.. We’ll see how it will play down the road

      • Yandex asked for it one time. Maybe I was searching too fast or something. At least I could read their captcha though. Some sites I can’t figure out what I am supposed to type. I just thought it was strange that a search engine would ask for it.

        On a side note I do get a few visitors from Yandex. Not a lot, but some.

  • hey guys,

    first time I hear about Yandex. Not a fan of Bing though.

    The game plan for 2013 is: guest posting and blog commenting to generate $ with affiliate marketing in the health industry. Link-building is something we should do with close attention, particularly nowadays when Google emphasize relevance and high-quality factors…

  • hey! I am new in blogging line so just learning n researching..I love the way u present ua post..
    hope to get ua help n feedback..!

  • Interesting topic and video. I will need to watch it thrice at least to understand thoroughly…

    Thanks for sharing

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