Double Advantages of Building High Quality and Targeted Backlinks

It’s no secret that one of the most effective ways to market and promote a website is through link building. Link building is very effective because of two major reasons. One, it’s one of the more important aspects of search engine optimization which means that if you build quality links, your website will have the chances of ranking higher in the search engines. And two, link building is very helpful in driving good and targeted traffic to your website. The more links there are pointing towards your site, the more traffic you are likely to get. It’s really as simple as that.

With that said, link building is a strategy you need to be paying attention to. To help you get started, below are some link building techniques that will help send more traffic to your website, enabling your site to be found by more people that have the same interest as you.

Guest Blogging

This technique can take a little bit of work since you need to write real content which you then submit as a guest post to the owner of your target blog. Also, this is the most effective link building technique as not only can you can get an editorial backlink, you can also tap in that websites audience for traffic.

Before you write your guest post, you need to contact the owner of the blog first and inquire if he/she accepts guest posts. At the very least, visit their website and see if they have guest posting guidelines. Don’t approach any of them without getting familiar with their site first. This is crucial as you can easily go the wrong path and its bye, bye, guest posting opportunity for that blog.

Anyway, once you have contacted the blog owner and If the answer is positive, then that’s the time you start cranking out your content. The general rule here is that you need to stay on topic. For example, if your website is about internet marketing, then it makes sense that you write guest posts only for blogs in the internet marketing field.

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Social Media Marketing

Social sites are among the largest and most influential entities online. Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube – these are just a few of the dozens of social sites floating in the web. For you to be successful with social media marketing, you need to pick the social networks that best suit your business and website. You can’t also ignore how social signals can give you more advantages for your link building campaign to improving your search rankings. Here’s Danny Sullivan talking about social signals for search ranking.

More than that, by applying proper social media campaign, you can also build strong engagements between your brand and your audiences. Directly hear and knowing what exactly your audiences loves.

Forum Marketing

Never underestimate the power of online forums. What you need to do is look for forums that are relevant to the niche of your website. You then register and start communicating with other forum users. Of course, you need to always follow forum rules and regulations. And before you drop links in your forum signature or anywhere possible, make sure that you have read the forum’s policies with regards to external links. This is to make sure that you are not breaking any rules. The best way to use forums is to be active. For instance, respond to other users’ posts and help them in any way you can. More than traffic and links, you can expand your business connections too, by building actual good communication with other forum members.

Press Release

There are dozens of PR sites in existence today. Some are free while some are subscription-based. Try to make use of as many of them as possible. You can send the same press release article to several PR sites all at the same time. You should, however, send out press releases in moderation. For example, if you have a new product in your inventory or a new service offering, this would be the right time to write a press release and spread the word about it.
Press release links provide you better value while doubling the advantages by getting more traffic from published press about your business.

Here’s an insiders guide to find the best press release service for your needs.

Q&A Sites Link Building

This is an effective link building technique because you are directly addressing the queries of other people who are usually your target market. What you should do is find questions that can be answered by some of the content you have in your own site or blog. You then provide an answer to said question then leave a link back to the content in your own site. Examples of good Q&A sites are Yahoo Answers, Quora, Chacha and

Not intended to spamming, Q&A sites link building can be win-to-win solution both for you or people asking a question. You provide them with a relevant and reliable answer for their issue or question. This way you get them and other visitors to visit your site.

Blog Commenting

Bloggers appreciate it very much when people leave comments on their blog posts. Bloggers want feedback and reactions to their posts. So give it to them. Most blogs allow you to insert your websites URL so this is where link building comes into the picture. In some instances, you can also leave a link right into the body of your comment. However, always make sure that the comments you leave are meaningful and add value to what’s already been covered in the article. For example, if the bloggers made a list post, maybe you can add something that the blogger failed to mention or include.

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If you implement all of the techniques discussed above, you will surely see a significant improvement in the traffic levels of your website. Not online quality backlinks can help you improve your search ranking, but also targeted traffic to your website.

Now, you have to be consistent in what you are doing in order to keep the ball rolling. If you stop implementing the techniques, your traffic is going to slow down as well. That said, you need to keep on rinsing and repeating the strategies. It’s a continuous process. If you need to outsource some of the work involved, then by all means consider going that route. Just make sure that everything is done the right way.

If you have comments or if there is anything you want to add to what’s been discussed in this article, feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below.

Deny Saputra

Deny Saputra is an SEO, Blogging, and WebTech enthusiast. Deny currentlys work for her partner’s website

19 thoughts on “Double Advantages of Building High Quality and Targeted Backlinks

  • Write short but great articles and have a page on your site where people in a first come first served basis can take those articles and place them on their own sites incorporating all the links creating the low page rank links you need. Newbie bloggers love good quality content that is free fro them to use.

  • Hi Deny,

    Nice points, Building links from reputable sites not just help you to higher rankings in SERP but also ensures to get relevant visitors on your blog.

    • Yep true Pankaj!
      And that is why I called it “Double” advantages.
      By the way, “Reputable” and relevant sites, then you’ll get relevant visitors too 😉

  • hey guys,

    I’d also add this… when guest blogging, ensure your post stands out, not only from the content point of view, but from the elements it contains…

    Let me explain

    1. Add niche relevant info-graphics to your blog (they work in any industry) – you can create yourself if you’re a skilled designer and know how to use the tools available online, or team up with one…

    Most guest post authors add just text, and maybe one or two graphics or photos. Your content will be remarkable with a nice info graphic.

    2. Add videos

    This is yet another way to stand out, the only requirement is that this video needs to be 100% original, just like your post. Otherwise, anybody could copy-cat an YouTube video and add it “as his own”

    Hope it helps

    • Hey John

      Thank you for add!
      That’s true, that’s great. You know, visualization is in a trending today, and readers are love it!
      Ohh ya John, you accidentally did publish my idea for some next big guest post project.

  • Hi Deny,
    The first 2 years of my blog I totally missed the boat on guest posting. This year I have already written over 15 guest posts and still counting. It has been a great way for me to gain backlinks and to get my blog more exposure.

    Take Care.

    • Justin,

      That’s good. Make sure to post on targeted and quality blogs. Just a reminder, video on “What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links”

      Watch on 😉

  • I kind of never gave much importance to Forum marketing, was not sure of its working. But I think I have suffered much for avoiding it, I have a lot of people telling me to emphasize on it. I think I must give it a try, apart from this I do everything that is there in your list. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Paul!

      Thanks for commenting – yep you need to give it a try. Forum marketing is work for me personally. Forum marketing can send you “referral” targeted traffic, as long as you join in the right forums and do proper optimization (I mean, by active contributing on forums, nicely connecting with other members, etc). You can also make them repeatedly visit your blog directly by offering them valuable stuff (articles, tutorials, etc?)

      Is it the goal right? – targeted traffic.

  • I searched on google and I saw that many websites are selling backlinks.
    Is it ok to buy backlinks? Is it good or bad for your website?

    • Hi Deny,

      How can social media can provide a quality backlink? Can you explain to me specifically about the workings?

      Thanks for your post and your attention.

  • Most of the ideas that you share are already tried by me..! But one thing that I am confused about is that I shared almost every post of mine on social networking sites but those links are not counted as back links.!! Why is that?

    • Hi Usama

      I hope you not measure whether is it counted as backlink or not by based on some of backlinks checker.
      However, please read more about how social signal are good for your website here

      Also again, you don’t need to worry whether is it counted as backlinks or not IF, you apply the social media shares carefully and properly. I mean you not just a “share” it elsewhere with your account. But try to do such naturally network building by getting more targeted people to your business circle.
      That’s more useful to send your website more targeted traffic rather than just links that “just shared” with no optimization or proper apply of social media.

  • Great post. One should not overwhelmed with this lists. Each one of them requires effort and patience – things are easier said than done… that’s 100% true. Building quality backlinks in these ways is like building a muscle (like what Darren Rowse of problogger use to describe building our blogs)!

    As I said it requires time so one must create an editorial calendar to perform task one at a time to ensure productivity and more focus. I did social bookmarking last 3 months. I also submitted articles at different directories – now I keep the challenge and even make it tougher by adding guest posting and blog commenting to my tasks. These days I give priority to guest posting and blog commenting. Social bookmarking will be done once a week.

    24/7 is not enough – and it could not be that productive when you are not following your scheduled tasks….

    Thanks for this wonderful post….

    • Prime, you’re right!
      I do agree to get better result, create a “to do list” than make sure to do it with full-focus whatever happens.

  • I think Q&A Sites link building is one of the most effective way of link builiding. You get to advertise about yourself while you answer the queries of other people. This gives the readers a genuine source for information and they are definitely going to visit your site for more.

  • Hey Deny,
    Awesome post with great information. I totally enjoyed this post while reading and I am totally agree with you on the point of double advantage of building high quality backlinks. According to me commenting on other blog is the best and simplest way to make backlinks and guest blogging is also very helpful for making high backlinks. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • From the list that you have provided, I still focus most of my time on forum link building. I think it is by far the best approach on link building, plus it will also get people to visit your site. Those who are active on large niche-based forums, offering valuable advice will definitely have a lot to gain. Myself, I’m a regular member, contributor and moderator on several high traffic forums.

  • Hi Deny,

    Let me first thank you for writing this very informative article on how important getting quality backlinks is. Anyway, I have a very important question for you (please send me an answer as I am trying to find out if this is true or not about backlinking)

    Anyway, my question is – How important is it to balance your backlinks network between the ratio of nofollow and dofollow links. Also, I have read in many forums and message board that anchor texts also play a vital part, just like before. However, the only difference now is the fact that there should be a balance between the types of anchor texts that you use. i.e. generic, keyword targeting and brand is this true? Thanks.

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