Take a Big Swing: Step your High Traffic Site up to the VPS Plate

If your website’s blog has grown to the point that you no longer want to share your bandwidth and disc space with other sites, then congratulations! Your increased traffic is a testimony to some success on your part, and as you care about your business growth, now is the time to consider using this: virtual private servers and data center.

By boarding a line of reliable virtualization products with a semi-managed VPS from the provider, you can upgrade from your shared or reseller platform without spending any money towards an expensive high-end dedicated server. Once your blog has increased your traffic to the point you need more bandwidth, its time to step it up, otherwise what good is your content if it opens at a snail’s pace and drives people away?

What is it and how does it work?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that an Internet hosting provider offers via Virtualization—a type of technology rightfully named as it runs from isolated virtual machines. Any VPS server will come with dedicated resources and fully fledged access giving users all the bells and whistles of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, a VPS is committed to the individual user’s needs while offering the privacy and security of a separate computer and can be configured so it can run customized applications so long as there aren’t any compatibility clashes with the hosting infrastructure.  In an article titled The ABCs of VPS, the author states that a VPS gets rid of any hardware concerns that may have clashed with the server, so the chances of this being a real problem are indeed slim.

What are the big features?

Utilizing a VPS has some very attractive advantages and offers quite a lot in the features department. Here are some following attractive factors to consider:

  • Advanced storage capacities. When looking for a company with a VPS solution be sure their servers are equipped to provide a high storage up-time guarantee, as well as professional support services to help optimize your vital data storage atmosphere. Also make sure it provides its users with a low yearly downtime guarantee, and that it can ensure recovery from multiple data drive failures. In other words, make sure your content is as safe as the gold bars in Fort Knox are.
  • E-Commerce compatibility. The VPS platform you consider should be able to support multiple shopping carts, unlimited dedicated IPs and Private SSL Certificates while supporting integrated advanced billing systems.
  • Exceptional customer service and support. Your VPS provider should be reachable 24 hours by phone, e-mail or live chat. Your hosting is what pumps blood into the life of your virtual business, and if a company is unwilling to offer exceptional support and customer service, then beware and look elsewhere.

Trusting a provider with your business and online reputation is a great commitment, and the provider should recognize this. When looking for a host, make sure they offer these three key points with their general service.

Big blogs warrant big hosting solutions

A VPS is a great way to maximize your business, while minimizing your financial investment in making the much-needed upgrade. Remember, going bigger and better reflects that you have been running a successful blog that is driving more traffic to your site than what your current platform is able to handle. It’s time to step it up to the next level so that your success may be accommodated and pushed even further.

Image source: easyvpshosting.co.uk

Fred Owusu

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