How To Create Interactive Videos and Increase Conversions with Clickberry

Gone are the days when creating videos where reserved only for professionals. Creating videos required sophisticated equipment that were costly and complicated to use. Today, with all the available tools out there, it is not about creating videos anymore, but rather, being creative, creating quality stuff and promoting it. Granted, videos are a great way to promote and spread the word out. You can create videos to promote your website, products, services, and just about anything you can think of.

Now, all that is cool, but, traditional videos as we know it lacks a bit more of “something”. What if I told you that you can take another step further and make your videos interactive, clickable, feature rich, and more? That would really be awesome!

How To Create Feature Rich Videos?

Enter Clickberry Interactive Video Creator, a video app that allows you to make any object inside a video interactive, and clickable. Now hold on to your seats before saying, yeah, so whats new? Well, what’s new with this awesome app is that, only your creativity is the limit. It is not about putting some annotations or anything like that, but actually making your videos more informative, interactive, and put what you need the most, call to action.

To simplify the process, I created a small demo (30 secs) from an intro video I did a while back. Before, the video was just an introduction and nothing else. Now, I added a link to my homepage , added a sidebar on the Twitter link (oopss, forgot to put some stuff in there), added a link to my services, added a like button and towards the end, added a call to action widget to download a free eBook (see shopping cart, no link, just a demo). I did try to put as much “interactivity” as possible for you to have an idea. Obviously, a longer video would be “less” annoying.

Anyway, click on the links to see how they work. As you click on them, the video will pause automatically, cool!

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with the Clickberry app. With their technology, you can take a new or existing video, and embed comments or links within it to make the content more engaging and informative.  IMO, it is just a matter of time until its peers follow suit.

Here are main features:

  • Add clickable areas inside of videos: links, sidebars, and popups.
  • Add “likes” to multiple objects, such as individual elements like your favorite guitar or coffee cup, and instantly share it on Facebook.
  • Sell and purchase things inside of videos by clicking on the object. You can add links to Amazon or eBay, and sell things to your viewers inside the video.
  • Add call to actions to your landing pages or optin forms
  • Create Pools
  • Upload your videos directly to FaceBook or use their cloud online storage
  • and more…

How does it work?

First you download the app, which is available for PC, Mac, or iPad. With your free account, you can use the editor for 30 days and get an online cloud storage of 1GB. After that, if you want to continue using the app, you will have to purchase a license that cost approximately $24 per month for the PRO editor and upgrade your online storage to 10GB. Not so bad, considering the possibilities.

Using Clickberry is actually quite easy to use once you go over their free video lessons. It is simple and no major complications. In addition, the app itself has interactive tips to guide you along the process of making your video interactive.

Clickberry App


For now, I really don’t see any major downside, with the exception of not being able to upload your newly created interactive videos to YouTube. That may or may not be a problem for you. However, if your main purpose is to embed the video in your site, or promote them as FaceBook posts (including promoted posts), then, consider taking Clickberry for a test drive. 30 days free trial, should be more than enough to see how it performs for you and make a well informed decision.

BTW, don’t forget that it is also possible to promote your videos on newsletters, press releases, other social networks, and even on free sms online services. Just remember to include the link pointing to the video.

What do you think? Is this technology something you think could be of help to you increase your conversions?

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16 thoughts on “How To Create Interactive Videos and Increase Conversions with Clickberry

  • Thanks for this wonderful review Fran. Though it is not clear what you mean by “not being able to upload your newly created interactive videos to YouTube”.

    Do you mean I can’t upload directly from the app/software or I won’t be able to upload the video at all (even manually after saving the video on my hard drive)?

    Looks promising otherwise.

    • Hi Jane. OK, you got me there. From the app, I know you can’t upload it to YouTube, but I actually have not tried uploading directly from my hard drive to YT. Obviously, I am sure that you can upload it, but what I think will happen is that the “interactivity” will not work. If you do try it, and upload it to YouTube, let me know if it works. That would be a “major” game changer 🙂 Actually, I am doing it to, and see how it goes..

  • I second that, great review. I’m thinking of incorporating more videos into my blog so this post will be useful to me in the future. Thank you.

    • Hi. It is a great tool despite the downside of not being able to upload to YouTube. Great for making your blog more engaging, I think.. Thanks for stopping by

  • This looks like an awesome software. It sounds a bit weird that you can’t upload it to YouTube, but that’s hopefully something that can be done in the future. Most of my traffic from videos comes from YouTube. But, I guess that the most important part is that it’s possible to embed it to our websites.

    This software looks awesome for making tutorials, since it makes them interactive and people learn more by being active and not just sitting and consuming.

    Great tip.

    • Hi Jens. Yeah, I know. I did try to do some “trickery” and uploaded the video to YT but the interactivity simply does not work. You can also see from their channel that none of their videos is actually clickable. I do hope that they change this procedure and allow for uploading it on YouTube, otherwise, Big G can like the idea and implement the functionality themselves 🙂

      As for the idea about tutorials, that’s great! You can make a video and, among other things, insert aff links too..

  • Hi DiTesco,
    Great review.But i want to ask one thing that is the $24 per month is a one time payment or one have to pay every month.??
    Also what if one needs to take this service for long(let us say for 6 months or so).

    • Hi Aditya. No, its not a one time payment, unfortunately. As for different plans, perhaps it will be better if you addressed directly Clickberry. I am sure they will be in a better position than me to give you information 🙂

      • Thanks DiTesco,
        I will contact them soon.It will be better for me to know their services more in precise.

  • Awesome software. Thinking of getting a video marketing campaign going for our latest product. But I have one more question: how much space will such a video take? I was thinking about hosting 10 of them on my site but I really need to be sure of the size.

    • Hi. The size of the video really does not matter much, but rather, the limit of storage you have with the service. The free version allows 1GB of storage so if you have ten videos with total size of less than 1GB then you are good to go.

  • Excellent review!!! Nowadays video is an essential tool for the web and i have realised that increases conversion especially in e-commerce websites, where the product is fully illustrated and perfectly promoted to the end-user, rather than using plain images! I’ve never seen this software before and i will give it a go after reading your review on it, so thank you! As long as you constanlty create videos though, throughout the year, isnt it a little bit expensive for the pro editor? Many Thanks!

  • Thanks for this fantastic review. This tool look pretty awesome and very useful. I had the same question in mind as Aditya and I got my answer.

  • I used to look for such a program before. All others are web-based with much less features. This one is ok i think. If they end up this polishing it it would be priceless. I really liked the feature done clicked to upload.

  • Hi Ditesco,

    Viewed the video. It is awesome. I would like to upload my videos too. Many of us have been hoping for similar features for quite sometime. I guess, the imagination of enthusiasts is behind this creation.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


  • Hmm so this is how it is made! I have seen some videos that have been clickable through time, but never understood how it worked.

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